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Leonardo DiCaprio wins “Famous Actors as Hipsters” contest


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Online design marketplace, called DesignCrowd, has announced the winners of the “Famous Actors as Hipsters” competition, in which designers have had to re-imagine celebrities as hipsters.

DesignCrowd is a popular online design marketplace where multiple graphic designers offer their ideas for a project and only one of them becomes the winner in the end.

Life as a graphic designer can be pretty tough and stressful. In order to give designers reasons for joy, DesignCrowd has come up with a fun competition that invited users to apply a hipster-worthy makeover to famous actors or celebrities.

The contest has been named “Famous Actors as Hipsters” and the organizer has finally elected a winner out of a total of 195 submissions.

Leonardo DiCaprio would be a great hipster as proven by “Famous Actors as Hipsters” contest winner

Despite the fact that this great actor does not have an Oscar attached to his trophy collection, Leonardo DiCaprio can be happy to hear that he would make a great hipster.

US-based designer Free Imagination has won the “Famous Actors as Hipsters” competition with the help of the Inception star.

Obviously a photoshopped image shows DiCaprio wearing red socks, large shoes, suit and shorts, a bow tie, and, the cherry on the cake, hipster glasses.

The Batman is definitely a hipster

Even though Leonardo has won the contest, other actors would look great as hipsters. The most recent Batman, Christian Bale, has also been reimagined by designer TheGirlRachel.

Wearing an exquisite haircut, a beard and a mustache, greenish outfit, and Batman logo tattoos, Mr. Bale proves that there is no role that he cannot play successfully.

Did anyone say hipster? Well, Chiwetel Ejiofor, who played the lead role in “12 Years a Slave” has made the cut, too, courtesy of designer Kamen from Vietnam.

Denim jeans, finger-less gloves, tall boots, and a scarf that you cannot possibly miss, means that Ejiofor would fit right into New York City’s group of hipsters.

Lady hipsters are looking pretty good

The ladies have not escaped the designers’ imagination. Meryl Streep would be a great hipster, as proven by Greece’s Kaitos.

One of the best designs includes Cate Blanchett, who wears a nice hat and a couple of tattoos along with a big beautiful smile, thanks to designer Rjmclean79.

Sandra Bullock wearing glasses and tattoos is another cool entry for the contest. She has been turned into a hipster by designer Cody Mei from the Philippines.

Check out our gallery and let us know which one is your favorite hipster!

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