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What Is Your Favorite Look or Editing Style?


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Do you have an editing style or look you love for your images?

Close your eyes and imagine your ideal look you want for your images.  Now describe it – to yourself, to us in the comments, or to a friend.  What is the style you want for your photos?

Perhaps you already know the look you want, let us help you create it in Photoshop.  Do you prefer clean and natural edits, vivid colors, deep-dark colors, hazy, matte, vintage, cross-processed, toning, or even black and white?

What if you aren’t really sure what you want?  We have you covered, too.

MCP Inspire™ will be available Monday, October 28th. Enter to win it sooner here.

four-choices-600x475 What Is Your Favorite Look or Editing Style? MCP Thoughts Photoshop Actions


If you are searching for your editing style, we can help.  Here are some ideas to start with:

  1. Browse images on our website.  What images and edits speak to you and make you say “ah, that’s what I love?”
  2. Go through MCP Show and Tell and try some of the steps photographers list for their edits – practice and find looks you love.
  3. Cut out pictures from magazines or go on Pinterest and find things that “feel” right to you.

Then work towards accomplishing the looks you love.  The most important part, don’t copy others – but be inspired and let that help guide you. Tell us about your style or what types of looks you like most below….


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