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“Fiction Happens” puts fictional characters in the real world


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Photographer Amanda Rollins has revealed the “Fiction Happens” project which consists of portrait photos of fictional characters living in the real world as normal people.

Artists must respond to their true calling when working on a new project. The end result must express the true feelings of a photographer in order to touch the hearts and minds of the viewers.

The idea behind the “Fiction Happens” comes from Amanda Rollins’ passions as a child. She is a huge fan of franchises such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Assassin’s Creed among others, although these have gotten her bullied when she was younger.

Amanda has decided to create a photo project that would encourage people to do what they love and to be proud of who they are. As a result, the “Fiction Happens” project is depicting fictitious characters exploring the world and acting like regular people.

“Fiction Happens” photo series brings fictional characters into the real world

The photographer remembers her childhood with the “Fiction Happens” photo series. She says that she has felt a connection with the characters in the project and, now that she is a photographer, Amanda has decided to pay a tribute to these iconic characters.

The artist has taken the subjects and has placed them into the real world, which is not as exciting as the fictitious one. However, this has been necessary in order to show how it is to grow up with stories such as Harry Potter.

As stated above, the artist is encouraging people to spend their time doing what they love and not to be downhearted by other people trying to bully them.

By showing that “Fiction Happens”, Amanda reveals that it would be entirely possible for these characters to integrate into the real world and to interact with its inhabitants.

Do whatever makes you smile, says photographer Amanda Rollins

The characters are portrayed by cosplayers, who have enjoyed the photo shoots. The artist says that lots of people have asked her for a photo with their favorite fiction characters.

Nevertheless, not everything went smoothly, as some kids did not join in on the fun. During the “Batman” shoot, a kid refused to believe that the character was real, exclaiming that it was “just a dad in a costume”.

This is just another reason why Amanda Rollins is a firm believer that people should find something that inspires them and she helps put a smile on their face.

More photos as well as details about the project can be found at the photographer’s official website.

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