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Many of you may have noticed that my site and blog was down last night for a few hours.  This use to happen more times that I can count with my old hosting service.  Knock on wood – it rarely happens anymore.  But even if it does, there is a HUGE difference.  Customer Service. 

I called my provider when I noticed the site was down and the recording said there were 12 people ahead of me.  The amazing part, it counted down.  It would say, “now there are 8…  now 6…”  Within a few minutes my call was answered.  The Customer Service Rep looked up my domain and said that the server my site is on was down due to lightening hitting a power line that feeds into it.  She said they were working to get the problem resolved and that they would update the situation on a website.  And she said to call back if I wanted.  Plus she explained how data is backed up since I expressed concern.

My point, I got off and was not even mad that the site was down, since I had received clear communication.  It makes such a difference.  The old hosting company literally would only communicate via email, and they would get back to you within 24 hours.  That is unacceptable.  So if you have a host you are unhappy with and are looking for a new one, I highly recommend HostMonster.  By the way, within 2 hours, my site was back up and running.

Here is a link to check them out, plus it helps support MCP Blog if you click through here.

 Keep watching – tonight I will announce the winner of the 9 paper pack – 5 lucky people.  Plus get your entries ready for the contest for the OnOne Software Photo Tools.  Those need to be in by Sunday night.


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  1. Barb on July 17, 2008 at 1:42 pm

    Jodi,This is great! I’m definitely considering checking them out for hosting my many domains. Could you do a post on what’s necessary to prepare your current sites for transfer? 😀

  2. admin on July 17, 2008 at 3:05 pm

    Barb, I do not have a list. But if you are not web savvy, they have a company they recommend to backup your site and then move it. I always hire people for stuff like this since it is so important. Jodi

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