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First Canon EOS M3 specs leaked before February 6 event


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Canon is rumored to announce the EOS M3 on February 6 along with other products. Before the event, a source has revealed some specs that could be available in the mirrorless camera.

Update (February 6): Canon EOS M3 mirrorless camera has been announced officially!

A highly-reliable source has revealed that a lot of non-disclosure agreements for some Canon products will expire on February 6.

In theory, this means that the company must introduce the products or else the people who know about them will be free to reveal details about them without legal repercussions.

As a result, Canon is rumored to announce the 5Ds and 750D DSLRs, the EOS M3 mirrorless shooter, some PowerShot compacts, and the EF 11-24mm lens on February 6.

As there is plenty of time left until the alleged announcement, a source has leaked a partial Canon EOS M3 specs list for those who cannot wait for the camera’s official introduction.

canon-eos-m2 First Canon EOS M3 specs leaked before February 6 event Rumors

The Canon EOS M2 mirrorless camera has been released only in a few markets. The EOS M3 is expected to become official on February 6 and to be a part of a global launch.

Canon EOS M3 specs list to include 24.2MP sensor and Dual Pixel AF

Without any further ado, it is said that the EOS M2 replacement will come packed with a 24.2-megapixel APS-C CMOS image sensor, just like the rumored EOS 750D.

The mirrorless camera will also employ a Dual Pixel CMOS AF III system, which will allow users to focus faster in Live View mode. This is very useful, especially considering the fact that it works in Live View mode.

There will be no built-in viewfinder, but Canon will supply an optional electronic viewfinder. Users will probably be able to mount the EVF on the camera’s hot-shoe. It is unknown whether it will be included in the package for free or it can be purchased separately for a fee.

Built-in NFC, but no mention of WiFi in the Canon EOS M3 feature sheet

The Canon EOS M3 specs list continues with support for automatic capture modes, which will come in handy for beginner photographers who are not familiar with manual modes.

The upcoming mirrorless camera will offer an ISO sensitivity range between 100 and 12,800. Action and sports photographers will be happy to hear that the EOS M3 will have a continuous shooting mode of 7fps.

Finally, the source says that the device will feature NFC. Unfortunately, there is no mention of WiFi, so it is very likely that only NFC will be supported.

As stated above, Canon is expected to hold a major event on Friday, February 6. More information could be leaked before that date, so stay around to find out!

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