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First Canon Experience Store to be opened next week?


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Canon is rumored to launch a so-called Experience Store in Canada in order to give photographers a chance to test the company’s gear and see it is to be a pro user.

Canon-Experience-Store-rumor First Canon Experience Store to be opened next week? News and Reviews

The rumor mill is saying that Canon is getting ready to launch its first Experience Store, a place that will invite photography fans to test the company’s products and learn the secrets of photography. The store will be opened in the near future, while many other stores are thought to follow suit.

The first location will be opened in Canada, albeit the exact reasons why this is happening remains unknown. Nevertheless, other countries will follow soon, as the manufacturer is aiming to provide first-hand experience into life as a professional photographer to its potential customers.

Canada comes first

Even though Canon is a Japan-based company with most of its revenue coming from the United States, the firm will open its first Experience Store somewhere in Calgary, Canada. The source claims that many other stores are planned across the globe, but the roll-out is going to happen slowly, rather than quickly, therefore Canon fans should not expect many other stores by the end of 2013.

The next target country is Australia, where the company is busy purchasing heritage buildings. All stores will look the same on the inside, so that customers will feel at home no matter what store they enter.

Canon Experience Store design

Upon entering the Canon Experience Store, photography fans will be greeted by a LED tunnel that will bombard the customers with impressive videos, photos and sounds. The store will allegedly be upholstered with huge LED and LCD screens. However, the content that will be displayed on those screens is still unknown.

Sources confirmed that the design will be minimalistic, similar to the Apple Store approach. Customers will be allowed to have brief hands-on sessions with the equipment displayed in the store. The white look of the store will be complemented by up to ten Apple iMac all-in-one PCs.

The iMacs will be used for educational purposes, in order to accommodate customers with all the means of learning the basics of photography and how to use Canon cameras.

Official announcement coming soon

The source confirmed that first Canon Experience Store will be announced at the beginning of next week in Calgary, Canada. This means that we will see how the company plans to grab more customers in the near future. Just stay close as we will inform you as soon as the rumors become official!

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