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First Fujifilm X-T2 rumors show up on the web


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Fujifilm is rumored to reveal the X-T2 weathersealed camera roughly four months after the announcement of the X-Pro2, which is expected to become official in September or October 2015.

The next interchangeable lens camera to be introduced by Fujifilm will be the company’s flagship X-mount model, which will be replacing the X-Pro1. The X-Pro2 has been mentioned multiple times in the rumor mill, while sources have claimed that the shooter will be announced most likely in September, albeit the launch event could slip into October.

After taking care of the flagship area, Fuji will focus on another high-end camera. It appears that the Fujifilm X-T2 is in development and it is believed to be introduced about two to four months after X-Pro2’s unveiling.

fujifilm-x-t1 First Fujifilm X-T2 rumors show up on the web Rumors

Fujifilm X-T1 was announced in January 2014 and it appears that its replacement, called X-T2, will be unveiled exactly two years later.

First Fujifilm X-T2 rumors leaked months ahead of the mirrorless camera’s announcement

The first Fujifilm X-T2 rumors are coming from a reliable source who has shared spot-on information on previous occasions.

The leakster is claiming that the Japan-based company is planning to announce the next-generation X-mount weathersealed camera two to four months after the X-Pro2.

Since the X-Pro2 is expected to drop sometime in September or October, then the X-T2 will be revealed in January or February 2016.

Fuji unveiled the X-T1 in late January 2014 therefore a January 2016 launch event for the X-T2 will not be a surprise.

For now, there are no leaked specs. However, X-mount photographers can expect the Fujifilm X-T2 to be weathersealed, to have a DSLR-like form factor, and to feature a fully electronic viewfinder.

Plenty of Fuji X-Pro2 details have already showed up online

These aforementioned details may be the first Fujifilm X-T2 rumors, but things are different when it comes to the X-Pro2. The upcoming flagship X-mount mirrorless camera is closer to its launch, so more information about it is available on the web.

It seems like the X-Pro1 replacement will feature a 24-megapixel APS-C X-Trans sensor, mechanical shutter with a maximum speed of 1/8000s, EXR III processor, and 4K video recording.

The top X-mount shooter will come packed with built-in WiFi, so that smartphone and tablet users can remotely control the exposure settings or to transfer files for quick social networking sharing.

The design of the X-Pro2 will be similar to the one of X-Pro1, but the newer model will be a bit smaller. This MILC will have dual SD card slots and it will be more expensive than the X-T1. Finally, it is rumored that the X-Pro2 will also be weathersealed.

Source: FujiRumors.

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