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First Panasonic GX80 photos and specs leaked


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The first Panasonic GX80 photos and specs have been leaked on the web, shortly after the camera was mentioned in the rumor mill under the GX85 name.

Sources have revealed that the upcoming Panasonic Micro Four Thirds camera will be called GX85. Well, the device has just showed up online and it seems like its will actually be called GX80.

The mirrorless camera with a Micro Four Thirds mount and sensor has had its first photos leaked along with its specifications. Judging from the images and the specs sheet, it truly looks like the Panasonic GX80 is a stripped down version of the GX8. Either way, the device will be announced soon, most likely by the end of next week.

Panasonic GX80 photos and specifications show up online before the camera’s launch

The design of the Lumix GX80 is inspired by the one of the Lumix GX8. However, the new device appears to be smaller than the existing one, just like the rumor mill said. By the looks of it, the GX80 will not be tinier than the GM5, which will remain the world’s smallest MILC.

panasonic-gx80-photos-leaked-front First Panasonic GX80 photos and specs leaked Rumors

Panasonic GX80 will feature a 16-megapixel sensor with 5-axis IBIS and without an anti-aliasing filter.

Getting past the Panasonic GX80 photos, we can now take a look at the mirrorless camera’s specifications. The device will feature a 16-megapixel Micro Four Thirds sensor without an anti-aliasing filter. It is the first camera in its series to not have an AA filter, which should offer improved image sharpness, albeit increasing the risk of moiré patterns.

The camera will be powered by a brand new Venus image processor, which is capable of offering 4K video recording support. Additionally, users will be able to extract 4K stills from their videos at the touch of a single button.

The leakster also said that the there will be a 4K post-focus option that will allow photographers to choose where to focus after capturing the shots. This tool is already available in the GX8, GF7, and FZ300.

panasonic-gx80-photos-leaked-top First Panasonic GX80 photos and specs leaked Rumors

Panasonic GX80 has manual controls and dials as well as a built-in flash on top.

Another useful feature for users will be the 5-axis on-sensor image stabilization technology that will compensate for any camera shakes in order to prevent blur from appearing in photos and to make sure that videos are stable.

The autofocus system will allow the mirrorless camera to focus in only 0.07 seconds. The Depth from Defocus tool is supported, too, whereas photographers will be able to transfer files via the built-in WiFi connectivity.

panasonic-gx80-photos-leaked-back First Panasonic GX80 photos and specs leaked Rumors

Panasonic GX80 has high-resolution display and viewfinder on the back.

From the Panasonic GX80 photos we can see that the shooter will have a built-in electronic viewfinder and a tilting display, which consists of a 3-inch 1.04-million-dot LCD unit. Buyers will also find 22 creative filters in the camera along with a monochrome mode.

This is everything that was leaked by the rumor mill. The product launch event will take place soon and sources say that it is occurring next week, therefore you must stay close to Camyx for the official announcement!

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