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First Pentax K-3 II photo leaked before official launch event


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Pentax is rumored to announce a new DSLR within the next few days. The K-3 II is said to replace the K-3, a camera which was unveiled in fall 2013 with an innovative software-based anti-aliasing filter.

Ricoh continued the legacy of weathersealed Pentax-branded DSLRs after purchasing the company back in 2011. In the meantime, lots of cameras bearing the Pentax label have been launched on the market by Ricoh. One of these products is the K-3, the first DSLR to feature a user-selectable anti-aliasing filter. It appears that Ricoh is preparing to launch the Mark II version of the K-3, as the first Pentax K-3 II photo has been leaked on the web, which usually happens just before an official announcement.

pentax-k-3-ii-photo First Pentax K-3 II photo leaked before official launch event Rumors

This is the first photo of the Pentax K-3 II DSLR camera. which could be unveiled soon.

Leaked Pentax K-3 II photo hints at the launch of a new K-mount DSLR

Most industry watchers are curious to find out more about the Pentax full-frame DSLR camera, which was confirmed before the start of the CP+ 2015 event. However, this is not the next shooter to be introduced by parent company Ricoh.

The rumor mill has leaked the first Pentax K-3 II photo, a camera which will serve as a direct successor to the K-3. Unfortunately, the leakster has not provided any details or specs about the upcoming model therefore you should take into consideration the fact that the changes might be kept to the minimum.

Meanwhile, the photo shows that the K-3 II has a similar design to its predecessor, so K-3 users will most likely be familiar with the controls of the new model.

About the Pentax K-3

Ricoh unveiled the Pentax K-3 back in October 2013. The DSLR was introduced alongside a new 24-megapixel APS-C-sized sensor without an anti-aliasing filter. Although this fact improves image quality, it also increases the chance of moiré patterns showing up in your photos, so the manufacturer has decided to find a solution to this problem.

The solution was a software-based AA filter. The sensor also featured an integrated Shake Reduction technology. Using the SR system and clever programming, users can decide whether to mimic the effects of an AA filter or not. When it is on, moiré patterns have fewer chances of affecting your photos.

This technology has been added into other Pentax-branded DSLRs, such as the K-S1 and K-S2. Sources are expecting it into the full-frame camera, too, so it will most likely be present in the K-3 II as well.

Either way, the Pentax K-3 II should be revealed in the near future, hence the wait will be over soon. Stay close to Camyx for further information!

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