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First Sony A7 photo leaked, as teasers start pouring in


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The first Sony A7 photo has been leaked on the web right before the major event that will consist of the announcement of multiple E-mount products.

Photographers are excited by the prospect of getting full frame E-mount cameras from Sony. They will follow the footsteps of the NEX-VG900, a camcorder with a 35mm-type sensor and support for the E-mount interchangeable lens system.

The names of the two devices are A7 and A7R. The former will feature a 24-megapixel sensor with Phase Detection AF technology, while the latter will sport a 36-megapixel sensor without an anti-aliasing filter and without PDAF.

According to the rumor mill, the pair will be introduced to the masses on October 16 along with at least five NEX-FF lenses. Before that, the first Sony A7 photo has showed up on the web, revealing a built-in electronic viewfinder placed in the middle, just like the rumor mill has been expecting.

sony-a7-photo First Sony A7 photo leaked, as teasers start pouring in Rumors

This is the first Sony A7 photo to appear on the web. Although it is a low-resolution photo, it can be seen that the mirrorless full frame camera will feature a built-in viewfinder placed in the middle, just like the one found in the Olympus OM-D series.

Sony A7 photo shows up online ahead of October 16 announcement

The leaked image of the A7 confirms that the device will have an RX1-like body, but with a large grip and a centrally-located Olympus OM-D-like viewfinder.

There are several buttons and dials on top of the camera and a hot shoe mount can be spotted on top of the integrated EVF.

A7R to be based on similar design as the A7

Thankfully, the rumor mill has more information at its disposal from trusted sources. The cameras will share a similar design and specifications. The A7R will have a red “R” added to the front to help customers distinguish between the two.

The pair will sport a 2.4-million-dot OLED EVF as the Olympus E-M1, tilting LCD screen, Focus Peaking technology, WiFi, NFC, 1/8000th of a second maximum shutter speed, and an autofocus speed faster than the RX1.

Price of the A7 and A7R leaked on the web, too

Sony has not been very careful about the pricing either. People familiar with the matter have decided to leak details about the prices as well.

The A7 will retail for $1,698 for the body-only version, while the 28-70mm f/3.5-5.6 lens kit will cost $1,998. On the other hand, the A7R’s body-only amount will stand at $2,198.

Sony starts teasing NEX-FF launch event

In order to build-up momentum for the cameras’ launch event, Sony has decided to post some teasers, which confirm the October 16 date.

The Japan-based company invites people to a “stunning” announcement that will see off the introduction of a camera that “no one has ever invented”.

The words “Be Moved” can also be spotted therefore it is very likely that these shooters are the ones with a moving image sensor, as previously speculated. Either way, there are two days left until the event, therefore you should stay tuned to Camyx to catch all the details.

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