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Five new Sony A-mount cameras to be released in 2014


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Five new Sony A-mount cameras are rumored to be released on the market in 2014.

Rumors regarding Sony have intensified this year because the company is currently restructuring its digital camera business. Recently, the Japanese corporation has completed the roadmap and sources have begun leaking information about the devices’ release dates.

sony-a99-a-mount Five new Sony A-mount cameras to be released in 2014 Rumors

Sony A99 A-mount is the company’s current flagship full frame camera. Five new A-mount shooters will be released on the market, including three APS-C ones and a pair of “full framers”.

Five new Sony A-mount cameras coming next year

Once again, people close to the matter have revealed that five new Sony cameras will become available for photographers in 2014. All of these shooters will be mirrorless and will support the A-mount.

Their announcement dates are unknown, but at least one of them might be unveiled by the end of the year. The rest will most likely be introduced in early 2014 at the Consumer Electronics Show and in fall 2014 during the next Photokina show.

Three APS-C models and two full frame shooters are inbound

The five devices are split into three APS-C units and two full frame models. The names of the APS-C cameras will be A59, A69, and A79.

The Sony A79 specs have been leaked recently, but it was unclear whether they described an APS-C or FF device. Now we know that it is the former version. Unfortunately, the retail names of the A-mount FF cameras remain unknown.

Many surprises coming by the end of 2013

Sony will also reshape its E-mount series. The first apparatus to be announced will be a full frame E-mount one. The launch event will take place in the third quarter of 2013.

The shooter will be compatible with all current NEX lenses, but the camera will function in crop mode. This is why the company will launch several new optics, too and Zeiss will join the party, as well.

Sony to release NEX-5T, NEX-7 replacement, and DSLR-like NEX cameras in 2013

Sony’s roadmap also includes three other mirrorless cameras. The NEX-5T will replace NEX-5R this September and the NEX-7 successor is also coming during the following months.

The list continues with a DSLR-shaped NEX shooter. This one will be released in order to compete against the Canon Rebel series.

Sony i1 Honami smartphone and lens-camera module to be announced soon, too

The PlayStation maker has even more aces up its sleeve. The i1 Honami smartphone is coming this fall with a 20.7-megapixel sensor among others.

Moreover, the innovative lens-camera module, which packs a built-in image sensor and can be attached to smartphones, is coming soon, too.

All in all, the next months will be very exciting for Sony fans and photographers alike. It remains to be seen whether or not the rumor mill about all this is right.

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