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Flickr Pro accounts reinstated following public outcry


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Flickr has decided to bring back the Pro subscription model, following heavy criticism received from the public, when it has announced that all users are getting 1TB of free storage.

Earlier this week, Flickr has announced that all users are getting one terabyte of free storage. However, the new feed, which has received a total makeover, will be filled with ads. Getting rid of the ads is costing $49.99 per year, while a Doublr account sheds the ads, but it adds an extra terabyte of space.

flickr-pro-users Flickr Pro accounts reinstated following public outcry News and Reviews

Flickr Pro have criticized the company’s new subscription models and threatened to leave the service. However, Flickr has announced that they will be able to keep their $25 / year accounts with unlimited uploads.

Flickr makes a U-turn, says recurring Pro accounts will continue to exist

The aforementioned changes have not been welcomed by the users. Some of them want a way to return to the old version, while Pro account holders have said that they feel betrayed, since they have been paying for so long and now Flickr has given so much space to all users.

Well, the photo-sharing service has caved in to the Pro users’ demands and has inserted some new clauses in the FAQ list. It is said that Flickr Pro users will get to keep the old subscription model, which provides unlimited traffic for $25 per year.

Flickr Pro accounts are back for the same amount of $25

Flickr is trying to convince people that it has never been its intention to betray Pro users and that the $25 renewal option has never disappeared from the site, but a lot of angry people beg to differ.

What is certain, is that the company has officially confirmed that Pro users will get the option of uploading unlimited photos for just $25 per year. Additionally, they will not see any ads on the website.

PSA: Make sure your Pro account does not expire

However, there is a catch. The Terms of Service say that if an account expires, then it will be downgraded to a free account and users will not get the chance of getting a regular Pro subscription, meaning that they will have to pay $49.99 for 1TB of space.

This means that photographers will have to check their accounts’ expiration date closely and pay the amount as soon as possible, in order to make sure that they will keep the accounts forever.

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