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“foolsdoart”: famous paintings recreated with a funny twist


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A pair of photographers are capturing photos inspired by old paintings with props they found at their office. Chris Limbrick and Francesco Fragomeni are the photographers as well as the subjects of the “foolsdoart” photo project.

Being happy at your workplace improves productivity, recent studies have shown. Chris Limbrick and Francesco Fragomeni are respecting the findings of the studies, so they have decided to have a little fun at work, but only when the schedule allows them.

The two photographers are working for Squarespace and, when they are not busy, they are adding new photos to the “foolsdoart” project. It consists of remixed photos of old paintings, with the two artists as subjects and with things around the office as props.

Amusing photo project recreates famous art paintings called “foolsdoart”

Chris Limbrick and Francesco Fragomeni will put a smile on your face with their artistic photo project. It is called “foolsdoart” and the name does not need an explanation.

In this series, the duo is remaking old paintings into digital photos. Their inspiration comes from popular or weird paintings, which are recreated at their office in New York City.

The rules of the project state that all photos must be remixed at their Squarespace office and that the props in the shots must be found within the office. Furthermore, image-editing will be done exclusively on a smartphone.

Although there are certain limitations, the results are both great and amusing, proving that you do not have to stress yourself too much, as photography must remain a hobby and something that makes you happy.

Chris Limbrick and Francesco Fragomeni have also remixed Mona Lisa and the Creation of Adam

The photographers are mainly choosing to recreate famous paintings therefore you should expect to find Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” and Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam” among the “foolsdoart” remixes.

However, we cannot help but notice that Chris Limbrick and Francesco Fragomeni have a soft spot for absurd art paintings, where the subjects are placed in weird positions. Since they have to recreate these poses, you can be sure that they find it hard to contain their laughter.

One of the funniest props consists of the popular horse head mask, which is used whenever a horse or a creature is in the original painting.

Regardless of your favorite shot, the progress of the project can be tracked at its official website and you can be sure that new photos are coming soon!

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