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Fotodiox fixes wobbly E-mount lenses with “The Tough E-mount”


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Fotodiox has announced a lens mount replacement kit for Sony E-mount and FE-mount cameras, allowing users to replace the conventional lens rings with a ring made out of metal in order to reduce “wobbliness”.

Sony E-mount and FE-mount cameras are wonderful shooters which are very popular among mirrorless camera fans. However, lots of users have noticed that all these devices have a major flaw that causes movement between the body and the lens.

This “wobbliness” is given by the fact that the lens mount consists of two rings: a plastic one and a metal one. The problem lies mostly with the plastic ring, which will eventually lead to movement between the camera and the lens after extended use of heavier optics or after using lens adapters.

Since lots of photographers are using heavy gear with their E-mount and FE-mount cameras, Fotodiox has decided to provide a fix for their problem. It is called “The Tough E-mount” and it replaces the regular two-part lens mount with a new single-piece mount made entirely out of metal.

the-tough-e-mount Fotodiox fixes wobbly E-mount lenses with "The Tough E-mount" News and Reviews

Fotodiox has unveiled The Tough E-mount kit that replaces the Sony E-mount lens mount in order to reduce the movement between the body and the lens.

Have you noticed any movement between your Sony E-mount camera and lens? Fotodiox is here to fix your problem!

The third-party accessory maker bemoans the issue of Sony’s series of mirrorless cameras. Holding the lens into place with a plastic ring will eventually lead to movement between the lens and the camera. This is common when using long and heavy optics, such as the pro models.

The Tough E-mount by Fotodiox will fix this issue. The modification kit consists of a single metal part that will replace the two-piece mount in order to remove any wobbliness, as stated above.

Fotodiox has confirmed that the kit is compatible with all E-mount cameras with APS-C and full frame sensors, as well as with E-mount camcorders.

The Tough E-mount modification kit is very easy to be added onto your camera

It is very easy to substitute the mount and the company has even created a video to show you how it is done. Users will simply have to remove four screws using a special screwdriver that is found in almost all large stores.

After removing the screws and the rings, just put The Tough E-mount ring in place and secure it with the four screws. Once the procedure is done, attach a lens to your camera and you should notice that there is absolutely no movement between the optic and the camera.

If you noticed a wobbliness between your Sony E-mount camera and lens, then Fotodiox is selling this modification kit for a price of $39.95 via its official website.

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