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Fotokite Phi is a drone that you fly around like a kite


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A company called Perspective Robotics has revealed Fotokite Phi, a drone that supports GoPro Hero cameras and that wants to make aerial photography accessible to everybody.

Selfies are quickly becoming the most popular form of photography in the world. Everyone with a camera is capturing selfies whether they admit it or not, while invention of the selfie stick has only contributed to this fact. Drones are also spreading among photographers and videographers, therefore it was a matter of time before they became selfie tools.

People are often afraid of buying a drone, fearing that they are not good pilots and that they will crash their new toy. The team behind Perspective Robotics is presenting an interesting idea for taking drone selfies by allowing users to fly their quadcopter like they would fly a kite. The Fotokite Phi is a drone on a leash and it is available through IndieGogo.

Keep your drone on a leash and fly it like a kite: this is the Fotokite Phi

Fotokite Phi is a compact and lightweight drone that fits into a package the size of a thermos. It does not have a built-in camera, but it is compatible with GoPro Hero 3, 3+, and 4 models. Once you attach it, you can leave the Hero mounted on the quadcopter and it will fit into its carrying case.

fotokite-phi Fotokite Phi is a drone that you fly around like a kite News and Reviews

Fotokite Phi drone is available for pre-order through IndieGogo for a price of $299.

This drone does not need any calibrations, flight skills, or GPS locking. It flies out of the box and it knows what to do thanks to your hand gestures. You never have to worry about losing it, as you carry it around with a leash: this is quick, convenient, and safe.

When users turn on the drone, the GoPro camera will be automatically activated. All you have to do is to let it go and then control its movements with your hand holding onto the smart leash. Before firing the drone, you can change the angle of the camera, depending on how you want to capture a selfie.

For an even more accurate composition, there is a free application for Android smartphones and tablets. With minimum input, you can frame your shots like a professional photographer or videographer.

Affordable flying drone to begin shipping next year if funding campaign meets goal

The drone on a leash weighs about 12 ounces including the GoPro Hero camera and its battery. The battery is rechargeable via a USB port and it will provide up to 15 minutes of flight time. On the other hand, the leash is self-retracting and it measures 8 meters.

Fotokite Phi is available for pre-order only through IndieGogo. The funding goal is set at $300,000 and shipping will begin in March 2016. So far, more than $130,000 have been pledged to the cause with 28 days left to go until the campaign’s end.

The cheapest options have already been sold out. Now, the drone is available for $299, as the $249, $259, $269, and $279 options have been claimed by early birds. Either way, it is still affordable and it will come in handy to people who put ease-of-use first.

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