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The MCP Four Seasons Photoshop Actions Package is NOW AVAILABLE!


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header-for-newsletter-600x182 The MCP Four Seasons Photoshop Actions Package is NOW AVAILABLE! Announcements Photoshop Actions

The MCP Four Seasons Photoshop Actions Package is now available!

Each of the 4 sets has 20+ unique seasonal actions including a special workflow base action + the bonus set of 25 extra fine-tuning actions. To learn more about the Four Seasons action set or to purchase, click here. Thank you!


If spring mist, summer sunshine, fall leaves, or the first snowfall send you running to grab your camera, you’ll love the seasonal inspiration behind these actions.

With the new MCP Four Seasons™ Photoshop actions, you can speed up your workflow while adding just the right seasonal mood to your images.

The four seasonal action sets are:

  • SPRING SPLENDOR: Embrace the hushed hues of a spring morning with a base action that highlights the clean, crisp colors of spring. Then give your photos a fresh look with actions that add the perfect amount of soft haze, sweet vintage tones, or subtle rays of sunlight.
  • SUMMER SOLSTICE: Start with a base action that adds bold contrast and a sunlit feel to your images. Then choose from a variety of actions that make summery colors pop, whether it’s the bright hues of a beach party to the muted pastels of a seaside resort.
  • AUTUMN EQUINOX: Bring out the golden light and bold colors of fall with a base action that adds instant warmth and richness. From soft mattes to subtle vignettes, the autumn actions can enhance the deep reds or chestnut browns of the season—or magically transform any location into a fall wonderland.
  • WINTER WHIRLWIND: Convert your image into a classic black-and-white with just the right amount of contrast. Then customize it with rich plum hues, warm chocolate tones, a soft haze, or even a flurry of snowflakes. Switch back to color with one click, or adjust the opacity for an antique look.

 Each season is packed with actions including:

  • A unique base action to enhance the tones of that season.
  • 10-12 actions to get the look you want, whether it’s a dreamy haze or rich color pop.
  • Two comprehensive actions that let you mix and match effects.
  • 6-7 finishing actions to add extra effects unique to the season — like directional sunlight and haze for spring, vibrant color pops for summer, fall color tones for autumn, or film grain and faux snow for winter.

Plus, each season comes with a bonus pack of 25 fine-tuning actions to instantly sharpen, brighten, color-correct, and more!

Buy Them All and Save!

This is MCP’s most advanced set to date—each season includes the tools you need to polish, pop, and perfect your photos. Buy one season for $65, or purchase The MCP Four Seasons™ Photoshop Action Package for just $195—that’s a total of 108 actions, including all four seasons plus the Season Extras. It’s like getting the fourth season free!

Intro Offer:Buy Early/Save more!

If you purchase between now and November 21st, you can save more than 10% – for this short time each season is $58 and the package with all four is $175 (a $20 savings!)

buy-now The MCP Four Seasons Photoshop Actions Package is NOW AVAILABLE! Announcements Photoshop Actions


What photographers are saying:

“No photographer should be without these essential actions.  From soft and subtle to bold and vibrant, and every look in between, you’ll achieve beautiful results with these actions.”  -Ann Bennett,

“From the light haziness of Spring to the warm richness of Autumn, this set adds so much flavor to my photographs. These actions make my workflow easier and faster – and make my image quality better. I’m so pleased!  -Kali Shanti Park,

“I’m amazed at how fast I can change just one image to give a feeling of any one of the four seasons.  These actions will make your pictures simply gorgeous!”  -Diana Stevenson,



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  1. anne dibble on November 8, 2012 at 1:17 pm

    Jodi, you did a fabulous job creating these actions! I agree that no photographer should be without these! They speed up work flow and are so easy to use! Actions vary from bold to soft with so many possibilities. Mix and match and create gorgeous images. The extra bonus pack that is included in each season works like magic!

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