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We hear the word “cancer” so often, it’s easy just to let it roll by without even thinking.

But, if you think about everyone you know, it’s hard to think of a family that hasn’t been impacted by it.  And cancer scares me! I worry that I could get cancer and that those close to me might.  That’s because like probably you, cancer has hit close to me too many times already.

My grandmother Joan, after whom I am named, died from breast cancer in her early 40s, just prior to my birth.  My father-in-law fought colon cancer in the ’90s and, more recently battled stage four lymphoma. After extensive treatment and a bone marrow transplant, he survived — but it was not an easy journey.  Just last year, our cousin Robbie was diagnosed Leukemia — and it took his life just six months later.  And last summer a close family friend, who went by Buzz, got an extremely aggressive form of lung cancer.  One moment we were boating with him in Northern Michigan.  A mere few months later we were at his funeral.

I’ve also had friends from college and beyond battle breast cancer, uterine cancer and more.  Recently someone close to me had two moles removed that were positive for melanoma.

Cancer is everywhere.  I hate it.

When my father-in-law was treated for Lymphoma in 2008, I felt so powerless. I decided to make a free action called “Take Action on Cancer Awareness.” I debated, “Do I charge a nominal amount and donate all the money to a cancer organization?” or “Do I ask for people to keep my father-in-law in their thoughts?”  At the time, the latter seemed most appropriate.

Then last year, when our friend Buzz passed away, I improved upon version 1 and created the NEW Cancer Awareness Action.  This time it’s more comprehensive and we have a Photoshop and Elements version too. Unfortunately our website had a year + delay and I finally just got this new FREE action online. All the images shown on the product page show someone who is fighting or who lost their fight against cancer (some images with loved ones in the frame). Each person has or had a story and they brought tears to my eyes.

So while I cannot bring myself to charge for this action, even though I know the money could help, I dislike “making” people give unless they are truly compelled.  So instead, I ask you, “If you enjoy and use this action, and have the means and desire to give, please consider donating to the cancer organization of your choice. It can be as small as a few dollars or as much as you are able – every bit makes a difference and helps.

Additionally, consider gifting a family photo session to someone with cancer.  Trust me, these photos, even if snapshots, are treasures.

Thanks again!

Jodi and the MCP Team

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