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Fresh Canon EOS 1D X Mark II details leaked on the web


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Canon could actually announce the EOS 1D X Mark II by the end of 2015, as the company is actively testing multiple units of the DSLR, a trusted source has revealed.

There are lots of photographers who cannot wait to get their hands on the next-generation EOS flagship camera. The latest gossip talks are saying that the DSLR will be introduced in late 2015, unlike previously reported. A source is claiming that the Japan-based manufacturer is already testing the product on the field and that a few units are out there, not just one. The list of improvements will allegedly include a brand new autofocus system that will feature more autofocus points than the current EOS flagship.

canon-eos-1d-x-mark-ii-rumors Fresh Canon EOS 1D X Mark II details leaked on the web Rumors

Canon EOS 1D X Mark II will replace the 1D X with a new AF system, bigger screen, new battery, and improved design.

Latest Canon EOS 1D X Mark II details point to new autofocus technology and larger display

A lot of Canon fans were disappointed to hear that the Mark II version of the 1D X will not be released in 2015. Over and over again has been said that if it does not come out in late 2014, then it would be released at some point in 2015. However, in mid-February 2015, a source has come forth to state that the DSLR will not be unveiled sooner than 2016. It was said to be revealed in early 2016 and to become available around the same time in order to be ready for the major sports events of next year, such as the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio.

The report could turn out to be false and we may see a new top EOS shooter by the end of this year. A trusted source has just leaked more Canon EOS 1D X Mark II details, including announcement information and some specs.

The image sensor will definitely have more megapixels than the 18.1-megapixel sensor found in the 1D X. Furthermore, the autofocus system will be new and will have more points than the 1D X, which currently offers 61 points.

A mysterious technology will be added into the viewfinder, says the leakster. Moreover, the battery will be based on a new technology as well. This will be done in order to decrease the weight of the DSLR.

The LCD screen will be bigger than the 3.2-inch version of the 1D X, while the design will suffer some modifications in order to make the camera easier to hold and to use.

Finally, the image processor is unknown, while the type of supported memory cards are also unbeknownst to the source. For now, you will have to take all these Canon EOS 1D X Mark II details with a pinch of salt and to stay tuned for more!

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