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From Color to Black & White In Seconds Using Photoshop Actions


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From Color to Black & White In Seconds Using Photoshop Actions

As many of you know, for the past 5 years I have offered Photoshop Training Classes online.  I have both one-on-one and group style workshops. Occasionally I get asked to do in person mentoring and teaching for local hobbyist and professional photographers in Metro Detroit.

Tammy Miller, a mom who loves photography, just purchased Photoshop and had no idea where to start.  She has been coming to my home office to learn Photoshop. In upcoming weeks, I will share a few images we have edited of her beautiful daughter.

As soon as I saw this image, I knew I wanted to convert it to black and white to emphasize her serious facial expression. This edit took less than a minute using the MCP Fusion Photoshop action set.

I ran B&W Fusion Mix and Match, which runs all the black and white actions and allows you to turn them on and vary opacity for a fully customized look. I ended up just using Peaceful on this one at an opacity of 67%. The One Click B&W folder was set to 100%. I needed to fix the exposure so I opened the One Click folder and increased the Fix Underexposure folder layer to 56%.  I masked the background back with a low opacity brush. Lastly I used the Sunflare {right} Photoshop action which mimics lens flare. I decided to use Lens Flare 1 from inside and to mask the circle off in the lower left corner. Then I set the opacity to 72%.  That was my quick edit from the before to the after image shown below.

If you are interested in seeing how I edit your images using MCP products, consider taking our Watch Me Work group class or a one-on-one Photoshop training class.

tammy-miller-blueprint-1-600x570 From Color to Black & White In Seconds Using Photoshop Actions Blueprints Photoshop Actions Photoshop Tips & Tutorials


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  1. Julia on May 6, 2011 at 12:06 pm

    Jodi, what BW conversion technique do you use for the Quickie Collection v. the Fusion Collection? Do you have a favorite? I’m debating which collection to buy. I have not been happy with the various BW actions that I’ve been trying (or my own BW conversions)…and am wondering if it’s the underlying technique that’s sub-optimal….so would love to be pointed to what and why. Thanks!Julia

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