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Fuji X30’s lens to come packed with XQ1-like control ring


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An insider has revealed that the long-rumored Fujifilm X30 compact camera will feature a lens identical to the one found in its predecessor, but it will pack a control ring, which is available in the XQ1 camera.

Fujifilm will allegedly replace the X20 in the coming weeks with the help of the X30. This will become a new X-series compact camera sometime before the start of the Photokina 2014 event, which opens its doors to visitors as of September 16.

The details about the Fuji X30 are not plentiful, but sources have revealed some relevant information about the device. The latest in a long series of leaks consists of the confirmation that the new shooter will employ the same lens as the one available in the X20. However, there is one change: a control ring will be added to the lens to sit along the conventional zoom ring.

fujifilm-xq1 Fuji X30's lens to come packed with XQ1-like control ring Rumors

Fujifilm XQ1 is a compact camera with a control ring around its lens. A similar control ring is rumored to be implemented into the upcoming Fuji X30.

Fuji X30 lens will provide 35mm equivalent of 28-112mm, just like its predecessor

FujiRumors is reporting that the lens available in the X30 will offer a 35mm focal length equivalent of 28-112mm. As expected, this is more proof that the camera will feature a 2/3-inch-type image sensor, as opposed to some gossip talks suggesting that it would come packed with a 1-inch-type sensor.

The maximum aperture of Fuji X30’s lens will stand at f/2-2.8, which is also identical to what we can already find in the X20.

Fujifilm to add a control ring around the X30’s lens, à la XQ1

For those wondering what the Fujifilm X30 will bring to the table, it appears that the lens will sport a dual-ring design. Beside the usual zoom ring, the company will add a control ring.

This will sound familiar to XQ1 owners, an X-series compact camera launched in the fall of 2013. The control ring is positioned around the lens mount and it allows users to control the settings of the camera.

Up to 13 settings can be customized, which makes users feel like they are taking photos with an analog camera, says Fuji. The XQ1 is available for purchase at Amazon for around $370.

More Fujifilm X30 compact camera specs leaked on the web

Other Fujifilm X30 specs include a long-lasting battery, which will allow users to capture more than 400 shots, and a built-in electronic viewfinder, instead of the optical VF found in the X20.

Additionally, the EVF will feature a 2.36-million-dot resolution, 100% frame coverage, and 0.62x magnification rate. Photographers will also be able to recharge the shooter via USB.

For the time being, Amazon is selling the Fuji X20 for a price around $500. We will provide more details as soon as we receive them, so stay tuned to Camyx!

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