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Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 camera brings film back from the dead


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Fujifilm has released a new device, called Instax Mini 90, reminding photographers that film is not dead, amid the company’s recent discontinuation of several film types.

Film has carried the photography flag for decades. The Neopan 400 B&W and Provia 400X have been a lot of people’s favorites, but the company has taken the hurtful decision of discontinuing them due to lack of demand, as the digital era is now in charge of the art of picture taking.

fujifilm-instax-mini-90 Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 camera brings film back from the dead News and Reviews

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 film camera is now official with the ability of capturing double-exposure photos. The new device also captures shots measuring 3.4 x 2.13-inches in macro and bulb modes.

Fujifilm announces Instax Mini 90 film camera

A lot of other film types have ceased to be in production during the past few years, as film photography is getting closer to its impending death. However, Fujifilm still thinks that there is more to come out of this market, therefore it has announced the new Instax Mini 90 camera.

The film shooter provides a rare sighting, but it is a pretty decent camera. It is a nice analog touch in a digital world and it is capable of producing some outstanding results.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 design is inspired by X-mount cameras

It will be able to capture photos measuring 3.4 x 2.13-inches on Instax film. Such products are still being sold and a two-pack is available at Amazon for $18.10. Five and ten packs can still be found and stock levels are good, meaning that the camera will not be discontinued in the near future.

Another important trait of the Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 camera is its design. Previous models were not known for their beauty, but the new shooter is quite gorgeous, as it borrows some retro aspects from X-mount cameras.

Plenty of features added to keep film photography fun and useful

The list of features includes macro mode for taking improved close-up shots. Additionally, the new Instax Mini 90 comes with support for double-exposure photography and a bulb mode, which provides a minimum shutter speed of 10 seconds.

Fujifilm has also added a flash, controls, dials, and buttons to the camera. They will allow users to enjoy the time spent with their gadgets. Either way, the maximum exposure time stands at 1/400th of a second, while the power will come from a rechargeable Li-ion battery.

Release date is September 2013 in Japan, US launch scheduled for Spring 2014

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 release date is September 20 in Japan. The price is unknown, but it should be revealed sometime during the following days.

Meanwhile, it is worth reminding that the Instax Mini 8 camera is available in several colors for $62.90 at Amazon, so the new version should not cost too much.

Fuji concluded that the Instax Mini 90 will travel across the ocean to the United States in Spring 2014. All that is left for the company is to reveal an exact date and final pricing details.

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