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Fujifilm S9900W and S9800 bridge cameras launched with 50x zoom lens


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Fujifilm has taken the wraps off of two bridge cameras. The new FinePix S9900W and S9800 have already been mentioned within the rumor mill, but now they are official with 50x optical zoom lenses.

After announcing the X-A2 mirrorless camera and the XQ2 compact camera, Fujifilm introduced the S9900W and S9800 bridge cameras. These two shooters come packed with an almost identical specifications list, the only difference between them being the built-in WiFi technology found in the S9900W.

fujifilm-s9900w Fujifilm S9900W and S9800 bridge cameras launched with 50x zoom lens News and Reviews

Fujifilm S9900W is now official with a 50x optical zoom lens and a 16.2-megapixel image sensor.

Fuji unveils the S9900W and S9800 bridge cameras with 50x optical zoom lens

The Fujifilm S9900W and S9800 are powered by a 16.2-megapixel 1/2.3-inch-type CMOS image sensor and a 50x optical zoom lens that offers a 35mm focal length equivalent of 24-1200mm.

These bridge cameras will be perfect for travel photographers, especially with the addition of 5-axis image stabilization technology, that combines 2-axis optical IS and 3-axis electronic IS systems.

The maximum aperture of the lenses stands at f/2.9-6.5, while the maximum ISO sensitivity stands at 12800. This is why Fuji claims that the duo is useful in a broad range of photography conditions, including in low-light scenarios.

Using 2x digital magnification, the total zoom of these cameras reaches 100x, a 35mm equivalent of 2400, which is usually achieved with kits that cost thousands of dollars.

fujifilm-s9800 Fujifilm S9900W and S9800 bridge cameras launched with 50x zoom lens News and Reviews

Fujifilm S9800 bridge camera is nearly identical in every way with the S9900W, including the built-in electronic viewfinder on the back.

Fujifilm S9900W and S9800 offer multiple creative tools for photographers and videographers alike

Fujifilm has confirmed that the S9900W and S9800 will offer advanced videography features. The maximum quality stands at full HD and 60fps, while the best settings are chosen using the Movie Scene Recognition tool.

An Advanced Filter allows users to add effects to their videos, while a slow-motion mode of up to 480fps makes sure that you will not miss any details of fast-moving or fast-breaking subjects.

Both the Fujifilm S9900W and S9800 are offering multiple filters and effects, such as Miniature, Fisheye, Sketch, and Pop Color. Additionally, Motion Panorama 360 and High Dynamic Range are supported, too.

Framing your photos and videos should not be a problem, as users have an LCD screen as well as a built-in electronic viewfinder at their disposal.

fujifilm-s9900w-wifi Fujifilm S9900W and S9800 bridge cameras launched with 50x zoom lens News and Reviews

Photographers can control the Fujifilm S9900W with a smartphone and transfer files via WiFi.

S9900W comes with built-in WiFi, while S9800 does not

As stated above, the major advantage of the Fujifilm S9900W over the S9800 is the presence of built-in WiFi. Using this technology, photographers can connect to a smartphone or tablet in order to transfer files for quick file transfer.

The S9900W is available for pre-order now at Amazon for a price of $349.95, while the S9800 can be pre-ordered through the same retailer for $329.95. Both models are available in Black and they will start shipping as of March 2015.

The two cameras will also be released in red and white flavors sometime in the near future.

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