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Fujifilm X-Pro2 release date delayed due to its image sensor


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The release date of the Fujifilm X-Pro2 keeps getting delayed because the company is still waiting to get its hands on a new sensor technology that will not be ready soon, a trusted source has revealed.

Lots of sources have been speculating about the Fujifilm X-Pro2 release date for a long time. Some have said that the mirrorless camera will become available on the market by the end of 2014.

The company has repeatedly denied the claims, while a representative has added during Photokina 2014 that the shooter will not be released “anytime soon”.

Shortly after the event, the rumor mill has returned with the claims that the device is on track to be announced at the beginning of 2015. However, a source who has been right in the past is claiming that this is not the case as the Japan-based manufacturer is currently expecting a new sensor.

fujifilm-x-pro1-image-sensor Fujifilm X-Pro2 release date delayed due to its image sensor Rumors

Fujifilm is delaying the launch of the X-Pro2 camera because of the image sensor, which is not ready yet.

Fujifilm X-Pro2 release date hit with another delay, might not come out in early 2015 after all

After finally deciding on what the name of the X-Pro1 successor should be, Fujifilm has managed to pick the right sensor for its flagship mirrorless camera. However, the sensor is still a mystery. Rumors have said that it will be a full frame unit instead of an APS-C one and that it will be an organic version.

Nevertheless, the last time the camera has been mentioned within the rumor mill, it has been said that it will employ a 24-megapixel APS-C non-organic sensor.

Fuji has also said that it will not make the move to a full frame image sensor for the time being, while committing its future to X-mount lenses designed for APS-C sensors.

The source says that the company is waiting for a new sensor to get off the production line, so it would be better to disregard all the previous gossip talks and to wait for more information.

Delay is caused by the image sensor, which is definitely based on a new technology

The Fujifilm X-Pro2 release date keeps getting delayed due to the sensor therefore, at this point, it is very unlikely that the mirrorless camera will be revealed at the CES 2015 or the CP+ 2015.

Fuji introduced the X-Pro1 in January 2012 and released it in March 2012. It would have made sensor for the X-Pro2 to follow the same path, but as stated above, its launch might be pushed to the second-half of 2015.

The shooter could employ either an APS-C or full frame and organic or a non-organic image sensor. Either way, it is based on a new technology, so stay tuned to find out more details about it!

Source: FujiRumors.

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