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Fujifilm X-T1 autofocus speed to be faster with new firmware


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Fujifilm is rumored to release a new firmware update for the X-T1 in order to significantly improve the autofocus speed of the weathersealed X-mount mirrorless camera.

Sony is not the only company that will hold a product launch event in May 2015. Fujifilm will also announce a new product, the X-T10, which is a cheaper version of the X-T1. Speaking of the X-T1, the first weathersealed X-mount camera is getting a new firmware on May 11, the rumor mill has just revealed.

Firmware version 4.0 will be released for all Fuji X-T1 users. The new update is allegedly aimed at improving the autofocus speed of the shooter, making it seem like a different, better device.

fujifilm-x-t1-autofocus-speed Fujifilm X-T1 autofocus speed to be faster with new firmware Rumors

The autofocus speed of the Fujifilm X-T1 will get faster thanks to the upcoming firmware update 4.0.

New firmware to provide faster Fujifilm X-T1 autofocus speed

Autofocus performance is already pretty good in the X-T1, but this does not mean that it cannot get better. The Fujifilm X-T1 autofocus speed will be improved courtesy of firmware update 4.0.

A source says that the new version will provide a major improvement when it comes to the AF speed. The new AF performance will be so good that it will make users feel like they are using a “completely new camera”.

There are no mentions of other fixes, but users should not expect anything else other than bug fixes and general enhancements. Everything else is a bonus and it will become official on May 11, as this is the purported release date of the firmware version 4.0.

Fuji X-T10 camera also coming in May with fast AF

The rumor mill has recently revealed that the cheaper X-T1 model, referred to as the Fujifilm X-T10, will be introduced this May. It would not be a surprise if the new mirrorless camera will be unveiled alongside the new update for the X-T1, so we will pay close attention to the company’s actions on May 11.

If the X-T10 does not become official on May 11, then it will surely be introduced just a few days after the X-T1 firmware. Until then, the rumor mill says that the X-mount MILC will feature a 16-megapixel APS-C X-Trans sensor, smaller electronic viewfinder, and X-T1-like design.

As the Fujifilm X-T1 autofocus speed will be improved through a new firmware, the X-T10 will most likely come with the same system out of the box. Either way, mid-May will be a busy period for Fuji fans, so make sure you remain close to Camyx for more info!

Source: FujiRumors.

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