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Fujifilm X-T2 4K mirrorless camera coming at Photokina 2016


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Fujifilm will launch an X-T mirrorless camera with 4K video recording, a couple of Fuji representatives have confirmed in an interview, while the rumor mill is suggesting that the product in question is the X-T2.

The latest flagship X-mount mirrorless camera has been introduced earlier this year. Fujifilm has taken the wraps off of the X-Pro2, a MILC aimed at professional photographers and a device that comes packed with a set of impressive features.

Despite the myriad of built-in tools, the X-Pro2 is not capable of recording videos at 4K resolution, although almost all other flagship mirrorless cameras can do so. Fuji has explained its decision to leave out 4K recording in an interview with a French website.

The company’s representatives have admitted that the Japanese company is planning to launch a new X-T-series unit that will offer such capabilities, so Fujifilm fans can rest assured, as they will be able to take their videography to the next level soon.

X-Pro-series camera owners do not use video features

In the interview, Shugo Kiryu and Shusuke Kozaki said that the decision to omit 4K support from X-Pro2’s specs list was taken after surveying X-Pro1 users.

fujifilm-x-pro2 Fujifilm X-T2 4K mirrorless camera coming at Photokina 2016 Rumors

Fujifilm X-Pro2 does not support 4K videos because X-Pro1 users did not use its videography features.

Photographers were asked whether they use the video features of the X-Pro1 not. The representatives revealed that about 80% of them did not use the X-Pro1 as a video camera. This is why the company felt that it was unnecessary to add it into the X-Pro2.

Although a lot of people have demanded Fuji to bring 4K to the X-Pro2 through a firmware update, this will not happen. Shugo Kiryu and Shusuke Kozaki stated that it would be possible to do add 4K to its flagship shooter via a future update, but there are no plans to do it.

Fujifilm X-T2 4K mirrorless camera could become official by the end of 2016

The good thing is that the reps have not ended their interview by stating that the X-Pro is not getting 4K. They also admitted the fact that 4K video recording will be added into the “T series”.

Shugo Kiryu and Shusuke Kozaki said that 4K will be available in the “next models” of this series, so, while this is unlikely, the camera in question might not be the X-T1 replacement.

Nevertheless, this has not stopped the rumor mill from talking. Everybody is now speculating that we will witness the launch of a Fujifilm X-T2 4K mirrorless camera by the end of this year.

The X-T1 was announced back in January 2014, more than two years ago. Photokina 2016 is a real thing and it would make sense to launch another weathersealed X-series camera at this major event.

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