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Fujifilm X-T2 photos and specs leaked before launch event


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Fujifilm will officially reveal the X-T2 mirrorless camera in the near future, but, until then, the rumor mill has managed to leak its press photos alongside its specifications.

Update: the Fujifilm X-T2 camera is now official. Read all about it and the company’s announcements in our dedicated article here.

The first X-mount mirrorless camera with weather-sealing capabilities, called X-T1, was announced in January 2014. Rumors about a successor quickly surfaced online, albeit the device is not official, yet.

We, at Camyx, have spoken a few times about this camera. Now, it is almost time to forget about the gossip talks, as the Fujifilm X-T2 photos and specs have appeared on the web. As this is a huge leak, it is likely that the shooter will be introduced soon, just like we predicted in early June.

Leaked Fujifilm X-T2 photos reveal minor differences between old and new

The design of the X-T2 has not suffered many changes when compared to its predecessor. It still looks pretty much like the X-T1, albeit there are some tweaks here and there. Nevertheless, the new camera appears to have a smaller body than the old one.

fujifilm-x-t2-front-leaked Fujifilm X-T2 photos and specs leaked before launch event Rumors

Fujifilm X-T2 will feature a 24.3-megapixel sensor.

Moving past the Fujifilm X-T2 photos, it is time to focus on the specifications. The MILC will feature the same 24.3-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor found in the X-Pro2. It will be powered by an X Processor Pro, which will be capable of resolving 4K videos at up to 30fps.

The maximum bitrate of the camera will stand at 100 Mbps when shooting videos. Additionally, there is support for full HD movie capturing at up to 60fps. As for stills, the mechanical shutter offers a top speed of 1/8000th of a second, but if your prefer the electronic one, then you will get speeds of up to 1/32000th of a second.

fujifilm-x-t2-back-leaked Fujifilm X-T2 photos and specs leaked before launch event Rumors

An electronic viewfinder will allow photographers to frame their photos.

In RAW mode, the sensor will offer a native ISO range between 200 and 12800. This part is a bit unclear, as the ISO sensitivity range might be more extended when capturing JPEGs. Either way, the device supports 14-bit lossless RAW and in-camera RAW development.

X-T2 will be a fully-featured camera aimed at professionals

Fujifilm will reportedly add a new autofocus system into the X-T2. It consists of a hybrid technology that uses a 325-point autofocus module delivering quick and accurate focusing.

fujifilm-x-t2-top-leaked Fujifilm X-T2 photos and specs leaked before launch event Rumors

Plenty of control dials and buttons will be scattered around the Fujifilm X-T2.

As seen in the leaked Fujifilm X-T2 photos, its viewfinder will be fully-electronic. Sources say that its resolution stands at 2.36-million dots and that it has a 100fps refresh rate. It is joined by an articulated 3-inch LCD screen with a 1.62-million-dot resolution.

fujifilm-x-t2-side-leaked Fujifilm X-T2 photos and specs leaked before launch event Rumors

Fuji’s newest mirrorless camera will be able to record 4K videos.

Quick sharing and remote control will be possible thanks to the built-in WiFi technology, while professional photographers will be happy to hear that they will have a couple of SD card slots with UHS-II support at their disposal.

On top of these, the shooter will continue to be weathersealed, so it will be able to withstand freezing temperatures, rain drops, sand, dirt, or other environmental annoyances.

Announcement date rumored to take place on July 7

Plenty of gimmicks will help you with your creativity, as the X-T2 has 13 creative filters as well as 16 film simulation modes. In addition to them, there will be support for time-lapse photography.

fujifilm-x-t2-leaked Fujifilm X-T2 photos and specs leaked before launch event Rumors

Fujifilm X-T2 will employ a tilting screen on its back.

Users will be user to use exposure compensation between -5 and + 5 EV. If you shoot videos, then you will be able to attach an external microphone to the camera. Other connectivity options are USB 3.0 and microHDMI ports.

The battery life is said to stand at 350 shots on a single charge. All of these will become official on July 7, sources say, so you have to stay tuned for the product launch event of the Fuji X-T2!

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