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Fujifilm X100s and X20 photos leaked ahead of CES 2013


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The Fujifilm X100s and X20 photos have been leaked ahead of their CES 2013 announcement, where the two compact cameras are expected to be unveiled.

Yesterday it became clear that Fujifilm will launch several new cameras, including X100s and X20, at the Consumers Electronics Show 2013. Today, both the Fujifilm X100s and X20 have been leaked on the internet and it seems like the company has decided not to alter the design of these cameras too much.

The two devices will replace older units and they will do so by coming packed with plenty of improvements. Nevertheless, their designs do not look like they have suffered many changes, so people will be met by familiar faces.

Fujifilm X20

The leaked photos show that the biggest difference between the X20 and X10 is that an aluminum top frame has been added to the former, up from the black-only frame found on the latter. Sources have confirmed that the X20 will be available in both black and silver, thus Fujifilm will fulfill a lot of people’s expectations.

There are no other details about X10’s successor, therefore we will have to wait until next week to find out the camera’s features, release date and price. As stated above, there aren’t any major design changes in the X20, so it is very hard to tell whether the picture is real or not.

Fujifilm X100s

The picture of the X100 successor isn’t a novelty, as the design is the same, the only notable change being an “S” added in front of the camera. Again, we cannot confirm whether this leaked photo is real or not, as the aforementioned “S” looks like it has been added by someone with very poor Photoshop skills.

It is rumored that the Fujifilm X100s will come packed with the same electronic viewfinder present in the X-E1: 0.5-inch with 2.36 millions dots. Focus peaking is said to be available in both the X20 and X100s alongside a hybrid autofocus system.

The leaked photos came from a reliable Japanese sources and the story behind them can be found here. Beside the X100s and X20, Fujifilm is expected to reveal other lower-end shooters, too.

The list will most likely include some rugged cameras for people who enjoy sports as well as bridge-styled shooters for travel photographers. Either way, CES 2013 will be packed with new gear and Fuji fans will be pleased with the outcome.

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