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Fujifilm X100S firmware update 1.02 released for download


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Fujifilm has released a firmware update for the X100S, a digital camera which has been announced in early 2013.

Fujifilm has been present at the Consumer Electronics Show 2013. The event took place in January 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Japanese company has introduced the X100S, a replacement for the acclaimed X100, which featured a unique X-Trans CMOS sensor.

fujifilm-x100s-firmware-update-1.02 Fujifilm X100S firmware update 1.02 released for download News and Reviews

Fujifilm X100S firmware update 1.02 is here to fix an issue with optical viewfinder’s brightness when using the digital camera at ISO 1,600 or more.

Fujifilm X100S firmware update 1.02 fixes a bug with optical viewfinder’s brightness when using higher ISO settings

The Fujifilm X100S is upgradeable to a new firmware. This means that X100S users can download firmware update 1.02 right now. Upon installing it, photographers will notice that the optical viewfinder will no longer behave awkwardly when ISO sensitivity is set to 1,600 or higher.

The Fujifilm X100S firmware update 1.02 is a minor one, as the only change consists of fixing the OVF’s brightness adjustment settings. Previously, users noticed that the brightness did not change at all when ISO was set to 1,600 or more.

Nevertheless, all updates are welcomed, regardless their size, since most of the times they fix bugs or add new features.

This is not the first firmware update released for the X100S. Fujifilm has recently pushed firmware version 1.01, which has also fixed a minor inconvenient affecting the users.

Fujifilm X100S firmware update 1.02 available for download now

The upgrade procedure should not be very hard to perform. However, inexperienced users should follow the company’s guide, if they are not sure what they are doing.

The Fujifilm X100S firmware update 1.02 installation guide can be found at the company’s official website, where users can also download the firmware file.

Fujifilm X100S information

Fujifilm’s camera features a fixed 23mm f/2 lens, 16.3-megapixel APS-C X-Trans CMOS II image sensor, hybrid viewfinder containing both optical and electronic VFs, full HD video recording at 60 frames per second capabilities, 2.8-inch LCD screen, SD / SDHC / SDXC storage card slot, ISO sensitivity up to 25,600, hybrid autofocus technology, and 6fps shooting in continuous mode.

Another notable thing about the X100S is that it does not feature an anti-aliasing filter, just like many Nikon cameras, such as the new D7100. This allows photographers to capture sharper images, though the pictures will be more sensitive to moiré effects.

Fujifilm X100S digital camera is available at Amazon for a price of $1,299.

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