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Sample photos reveal existence of the Fujifilm X100T camera


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The “Fujifilm X100T” name has been spotted in the EXIF information of several photos uploaded by photographer David Hobby on his personal Flickr account, suggesting that the camera is coming soon.

Fujifilm will reveal a bunch of goodies for digital imaging fans in the neighboring future. The last time we spoke about the Fuji X100s successor we reported that it would be announced at the Photokina 2014.

This information may be supported by an accidental leak. Popular photographer and lighting guru David Hobby aka “The Strobist” has uploaded a bunch of photos on his Flickr account recently, all of which have been captured with a Fujifilm X100T camera.

Fujifilm X100T camera spotted in the EXIF data of photos captured by David Hobby aka The Strobist

fujifilm-x100t-exif Sample photos reveal existence of the Fujifilm X100T camera Rumors

The EXIF data of a photo captured by photographer David Hobby. The Fujifilm X100T has not been released, yet, but it has been mentioned by the rumor mill several times. Credits: Reddit user neckbeard_avalanche.

The Fuji X100T name has been speculated by the rumor mill in the past. Although the Fuji X200 name has also been thrown into the mix, it appears that the Japanese corporation has already made up its mind and the high-end compact camera is in the hands of select testers beating the “X100T” tag.

Unfortunately, David Hobby has quickly deleted the pictures from his Flickr account. However, a Flickr and Reddit user has managed to screenshot the EXIF data of one of the photos. The screengrab has been uploaded on image-sharing service Imgur and then posted on Reddit for everyone to see.

The redditor has not provided any other details and it seems like this event has slipped by unnoticed in the Flickr community.

Either way, such mistakes are happening from time to time. In this case, they happen to go hand-in-hand with the rumor mill, so we can expect the Fujifilm X100T compact camera to become official soon.

Preliminary Fuji X100T specs list has already been leaked by the rumor mill

When it gets announced, the Fuji X100T is rumored to feature a new X-Trans image sensor capable of capturing 24-megapixel photos. The sensor will be an APS-C model and will accommodate a 23mm lens, just like its predecessors.

The maximum aperture is unknown, as some sources have previously pointed out that the compact camera may offer a brighter aperture than the f/2 value offered by both the X100 and X100s.

The shooter will come packed with a faster autofocus system, tilting screen on the back, and a very wide Phase Detection AF area. Additionally, it appears that the hybrid viewfinder will make room for an electronic viewfinder.

In the meantime, the Fujifilm X100s is available at Amazon for a price around $1,300. We are inviting you to stay close to Camyx for more information about the X100T!

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