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Fujifilm X30 rumored to feature sensor larger than 1″-type


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Fujifilm X30 may already be in the works, as the Japanese company is aiming to provide competition for both the Sony RX100 and the recently-announced RX100 II.

Fujifilm has introduced the X20 on the market in early 2013. The camera is powered by a 2/3-inch-type X-Trans CMOS II image sensor with EXR Processor II, as well as a brand new optical viewfinder.

fujifilm-x20 Fujifilm X30 rumored to feature sensor larger than 1"-type Rumors

Fujifilm X20 might get a bigger sibling in the very near future, as the rumor mill is speculating that the X30 compact camera with a fixed zoom lens and a bigger than 1″-type image sensor is coming soon.

Fujifilm X30 compact camera with larger than 1″-type sensor to rival Sony RX100 this fall

Although there are no talks of a replacement, it appears that Fujifilm is on the verge of announcing a so-called X30, a camera with a sensor that will be bigger than than 1″-type one.

This information comes from China and it describes a compact camera with a fixed zoom lens. It appears that Fuji is “jealous” of Sony’s success with both the RX100 and RX1, two compacts with fixed lenses and large sensors, the latter running on a full frame one.

Fixed zoom lens may disappoint some, but compromises must be made

Fujifilm X30 will not offer a very powerful lens, as the camera needs to retain its compact form factor. However, its image sensor is rumored to offer a higher image quality than the unit available in the RX100.

Unfortunately, details are still scarce, though this rumor alone is another confirmation that Fuji is still serious about the compact camera market and enough to raise the hopes of the company’s fans.

X30 to become a new X-series shooter with fixed zoom lens

Nonbelievers have their doubts about the accuracy of this rumor. Whispers about a Fuji compact shooter with a larger than one inch-type image sensor have been heard before, but some people think that it would not make sense for the company to release another X-series camera with a fixed zoom lens so soon.

Either way, the source may just be speculating the device’s name, so it is still to early to talk more about it at this point. If the Fujifilm X30 is real, then it will most likely be announced in late summer or early fall. Stay tuned for further information!

Fujifilm X20 is currently selling for $599 at both Amazon and Adorama.

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