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Fujifilm XQ2 announcement date rumored to be January 15


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Fujifilm is rumored to announce the XQ2 on January 15, after deciding against waiting until the start of the CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show 2015 to show off its latest X-series compact camera.

A long list of upcoming Fujifilm compact cameras has been leaked on the web a few days ago. Among the names on that list we could find the XQ2, which would become the replacement for the XQ1, a compact camera with an X-Trans image sensor introduced back in October 2013.

After seeing it registered on the website of China’s MIIT agency, some sources have pointed out the fact that this model is real and that it is coming at CP+ 2015 in mid-February. According to a highly-trusted source, this is not the case, as the shooter will be officially unveiled on January 15.

fujifilm-xq1-replacement Fujifilm XQ2 announcement date rumored to be January 15 Rumors

Fujifilm XQ1 replacement is rumored to be called Fujifilm XQ2 and to be announced on January 15.

Fujifilm XQ2 announcement date is allegedly set to occur on January 15

The whole world was expecting to see Fujifilm announce the XQ1 replacement at CP+ 2015. However, it seems like the Japanese company will no longer wait until this major event to reveal its next-gen X-series compact camera.

A reliable source, who has provided accurate information in the past, is claiming that the Fujifilm XQ2 announcement date has been scheduled to take place on January 15.

This means that the X-Trans compact camera will be revealed sometime within the next 24 hours.

About the Fujifilm XQ1

Fujifilm XQ1 comes packed with a 12-megapixel 2/3-inch-type CMOS sensor based on X-Trans II technology. It is powered by an EXR II image processor, which delivers an AF speed of only 0.06-second and a shutter lag of only 0.015-second.

This compact shooter offers a 4x optical zoom lens offering a 35mm focal length equivalent of 25mm to 100mm. Its maximum aperture is fairly bright, ranging from f/1.8 to f/4.9, depending on the selected focal length.

The camera comes packed with integrated WiFi, full HD video recording, AF tracking, and Focus Peaking. It can still be found at Amazon for a price around $350.

Will Fuji reveal more cameras beside the XQ2?

It would not be a surprise if Fujifilm introduces other rumored cameras during the same event. The list includes the X-A2 mirrorless camera and a myriad of compacts, such as XP80, XP81 and XP85.

We remind you that in addition to these models, Russian agency Novocert has revealed the fact that Fuji has registered the S9750, S9800, S9850, S9900W, and S9950W compacts.

It is unlikely that all these devices will be revealed at the same time, but stay tuned to find out which ones will become official tomorrow!

Source: FujiRumors.

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