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Full frame and APS-C Sony A-mount cameras coming in 2014


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More details about the future of Sony’s A-mount have been revealed with another “confirmation” that the cameras will be released in 2014, not 2013.

Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai is believed to be the mastermind behind the company’s recent resurgence. The PlayStation 4 has trumped Microsoft’s Xbox One during the E3 2013 gaming conference and it seems like the corporation is planning to be just as aggressive on the digital camera market.

sony-a99-full-frame-camera Full frame and APS-C Sony A-mount cameras coming in 2014 Rumors

Sony A99 is the current high-end full frame A-mount camera. Rumors say that this might be the last FF device with SLT technology, as the company is switching to mirrorless, though it is keeping the DSLR form factor.

E-mount and compact cameras will shine in 2013

For the time being, Sony is focused on the RX1-R and RX100 MKII cameras as both of them will be announced on June 27 alongside a new JPEG engine, called Honami, and an Android-powered smartphone, codenamed Mobile Cybershot.

This fall will also see us witness the launches of the NEX-7 and NEX-5R replacements, while new E-mount lenses will be introduced, too. However, that is pretty much it for 2013, because the A-mount will be the subject of a powerful comeback in 2014.

Sony will shift gears in 2014, thanks to multiple high-end A-mount cameras

According to trusted sources, Sony will focus entirely on A-mount in 2014, because the high-end camera industry is seen as the most important and the “key” to return to profitable ways.

Furthermore, multiple A-mount cameras will be announced throughout next year. At least three devices are coming and all of them will be based on mirrorless technology. However, Sony is keeping the DSLR-like design for both the full frame and APS-C segments.

Sony A-mount cameras will feature new EVF and AF technologies

All Sony A-mount cameras will come packed with impressive specifications, which will include improved electronic viewfinder and autofocus technology.

The higher-end device will even feature an image sensor with more than 30 megapixels and on-chip phase detection system, allowing the company to compete against flagship cameras from Nikon and Canon.

High prices are to be expected, sources say

Rumors say that the new Sony full frame and APS-C mirrorless shooters will be very expensive. However, the Japanese company is expecting to sell a lot of A-mount lenses in 2014 since the sales of cameras compatible with this format will increase.

There are whispers saying that the PlayStation maker might suffer from over-confidence, but we should wait and see if these rumors actually become true. Only then can we draw the first conclusions.

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