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Full frame Sony NEX camera to feature NEX-7 design, not RX1


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Rumors suggesting that the full frame Sony NEX camera will feature an RX1-based design are said to be false, as the company has chosen the NEX-7 path.

It has been leaked for quite a while that Sony is working on an NEX mirrorless camera with a full frame image sensor. Moreover, sources are revealing that there will not be just one, but two such devices and both of them are coming in the near future.

sony-nex-7 Full frame Sony NEX camera to feature NEX-7 design, not RX1 Rumors

Sony NEX-7 is rumored to lend its design to the upcoming E-mount full frame cameras.

Full frame Sony NEX camera design to be based on NEX-7 instead of RX1

Recently, it has been reported that the first full frame Sony NEX camera will be based on a design similar to the RX1. This is a compact shooter with an FF sensor and a fixed-lens, which also has a newer sibling without an optical low-pass filter, called RX1R.

Nevertheless, trusted sources have debunked these allegations, stating that both NEX-FF devices will bear a similar design to the NEX-7. This means that the camera is not a MILC version of the RX1, which has a category of its own.

Pair of Sony NEX-FFs to sport same image sensor

Beside the similar design, the pair of full frame Sony NEX cameras will feature the same image sensor, which is a part of a brand new generation, along with the ones found in the rumored A7 / ILCE-7 and A79.

Moreover, the two shooters will not feature a hybrid viewfinder à la Fujifilm. Since they are based on the NEX-7, they might feature an electronic viewfinder, instead of an optical one.

NEX-FF prime and zoom lenses from Zeiss and Sony are “too big” and “not fast enough”

As previously established, Zeiss will launch two new prime lenses to suit the FF sensors. Sources familiar with the matter are claiming that the two primes are the 35mm f/2.8 and 55mm f/1.8. An 85mm f/1.8 optic has been mentioned in the past, but it may be released at a later time.

Moreover, two zooms are also coming, but they will be Sony’s work entirely. The person who has tested them says that they have not been impressive at all. He called the zooms “too big” and the primes “not fast enough”.

The manufacturer needs to be careful here, as photographers are very sensitive when it comes to lenses. Canon has failed miserably with the EOS M, partly due to lack of lenses, though the fast autofocus system has also played a role in this story.

The good thing is that this is just a rumor and Sony might surprise us after all. The announcement should take place this October therefore do not hold your breath over it.

Amazon is selling the Sony NEX-7 body-only version for a price of $1,098, just like B&H Photo Video.

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