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Desktop users can now upload full-resolution photos on Google+


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Google has updated its Google+ social network, allowing the service’s desktop browser users to upload photos at full-resolution.

Google has received a lot of praise in recent times, as it has been discovered that the company is keeping all metadata associated with image files on its Google+ social network. When compared to other social networking websites, Google+ does not remove metadata, whereas Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter delete everything they can.

full-resolution-photos-google Desktop users can now upload full-resolution photos on Google+ News and Reviews

Desktop browser users have finally received the ability of uploading full-resolution photos on Google+. However, large files and videos will require storage from your 5GB Drive account.

Google begins allowing desktop browser users to upload full-resolution photos on Google+

The search giant’s fans have one more reason to rejoice, as the company has begun allowing desktop users to upload full-resolution photos on Google+.

This is great news for photographers looking to promote their portfolio on this website, as Google will no longer compress the file. High-quality image upload had been given a go on mobile devices back in December, when iOS and Android smartphone and tablet owners were given the choice of uploading full-sized photos.

Zooming and panning is finally useful on the social network

This feature will be particularly useful for people enjoying to pan and zoom on Google+. The Android maker won photographer’s hearts when it announced that zooming and panning abilities have been added to the social network.

Despite allowing high-resolution photo upload, the search company claims that the file size is limited, meaning that Google+ will not become your go-to panorama website with gigapixel-sized images.

Uploading big photos will count against your 5GB Drive storage

Additionally, it is worth reminding that these images will eat your Google Drive quota. Standard accounts support 5GB of storage, though users can purchase a whole lot more. Jon Emerson has confirmed that photos larger than 2048 pixels will count against the 5GB limit, while smaller file upload remains unlimited.

For the time being, the Mountain View-based corporation is charging $2.50 / month for extra 25GB or $5 / month for extra 100GB of storage.

No more 15-minute video limit as well

Google+ users can also upload larger videos, which will also require storage from your Drive account. This is a lot better than the previous 15-minute limit.

Photographers who want to upload full-size images on Google’s servers can easily do so by going to their account’s settings. A new option is available for them and it is called “Upload my photos at full size”. Checking the box next to it will grant Google+ this permission.

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