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GIF-TY is a Polaroid camera which prints flipbook animations


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A student has designed a Polaroid-like camera, called GIF-TY, which is capable of printing short clips and turn them into flipbook animations.

Student Jiho Jang has been asked to do a college thesis, so he has decided to make something unique. The result is simply amazing and it has a pretty suggestive name as well. Behold GIF-TY, a concept camera which can capture short films and turn them into flipbooks.

gif-ty-polaroid-camera-concept GIF-TY is a Polaroid camera which prints flipbook animations Fun

GIF-TY Polaroid-like camera concept features a viewfinder and a timer to capture the action. The resulting clips can be printed into your own animated memory books.

GIF-TY Polaroid-like camera prints flipbooks on Zero-ink paper

Ever since Polaroid has entered the market with its original camera, a lot of people have attempted to modify it and improve it one way or another. Jiho Jang has accomplished to do so with the help of GIF-TY.

As stated above, the camera records short films and then prints the frames using Zero-ink paper. The frames can then be turned into flipbook animations. Furthermore, their creators can attach tags to the animations, so that they will know when they have been captured and what memory they represent.

gif-ty-polaroid-camera GIF-TY is a Polaroid camera which prints flipbook animations Fun

The GIF-TY camera captures short films of up to five seconds and then prints the frames, allowing photographers to create flipbooks.

GIF camera uses Z-ink printer to stun your friends

The name of the camera is suggestive, too, because its purpose is to provide physical .GIF files. While GIF’s creator is more concerned about the file format’s correct pronunciation, Jang has decided to combine GIF, Polaroid, and a Z-ink printer in order to create GIF-TY.

These flipbook animations will also give a time-lapse look to your memories and this is pretty cool. An important factor in its “coolness” factor is given by the fact that this camera is different from anything else, though burst-shot cameras are very popular these days.

GIF-TY is not available, but one can only hope

Unfortunately, you cannot buy the camera. The single unit is in the hands of Jiho Jang, who has created it for his college thesis, as stated above.

Nevertheless, the Kickstarter platform is here to help and it is very likely that the student would gather enough funding to turn GIF-TY into a commercial dream, but we will have to wait and see what happens.

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