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6 more gigapixel photography projects worth seeing


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Gigapixel photography is gaining traction on the internet, therefore we are back with “part II” of our collection of websites, where you can find the most interesting projects that consist of gigapixel-level images.

Stitching together hundreds or thousands of photos may not sound like a lot of fun. However, this is a basic thing in gigapixel photography and the results are well worth it. Thankfully, there are automated programs which are capable of doing such actions without too much human intervention.

We have previously provided a list of websites where you can find the best gigapixel panoramas and images. Since there are so many cool projects on the web, we have decided to write a follow-up to our previous post.

This time we are back with several gigapixel photography projects which are also worth-seeing. Once again, we will have to mention that the order is absolutely random and that this is not a ranking of any kind.

Visualise: sporting events and the Royal Wedding in stunning quality

visualise 6 more gigapixel photography projects worth seeing News and Reviews

This is a screencap of Visualise’s gigapixel of the Royal Wedding.

The first project of our new series is called Visualise. It provides a similar experience to Blakeway Gigapixel, as a lot of the shots have been captured at sporting events.

The website’s collection includes a Chelsea FC football game as well as the New Zealand vs Italy and England vs Italy rugby matches and the 100-meter race final at the 2012 Olympics.

Regardless of the type of panorama, the controls of the websites are identical. Furthermore, we should note that the site is working very well and there is very little lag, while the aforementioned controls are incredibly smooth.

Just like the Blakeway Gigapixel project, Visualise allows users to tag themselves in a photo if they attended an event.

Despite focusing on sporting events, the most popular panorama available on this site consists of the “The Royal Wedding”. UK’s Prince William and Catherine Middleton married in late April 2011 and Visualise was there to capture it on camera.

The panoramas are joined by virtual 360-degree tours, photos, and videos of a huge number of locations and events, therefore we are inviting you to take a look at them at the official Visualise website.

High-quality gigapixel panoramas from Getty Images’ Global Assignment

global-assignment 6 more gigapixel photography projects worth seeing News and Reviews

The photographers involved in the Global Assignment project are capable of capturing amazing gigapixel panoramas, such as this shot of London.

The next project of this series is called Global Assignment. It is done in collaboration with Getty Images and it comprises the works of hundreds of amazing photographers based all over the world.

The Global Assignment team can do anything in terms of photography and it will do an amazing job while at it. Since these guys are capable of achieving great things in photography, they are also specialized in capturing billion-pixel images.

Gigapixel panoramas allow users to zoom in a photo in order to see a particular scene in high-detail. The clarity of the shots is surprising, so if you have participated at these events, then you might want to look closer as you may be in the photo.

As stated above, Global Assignment features a number of gigapixel panoramas captured at important events such as the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Moreover, several concerts are featured, too, as is the Royal Wedding .

Landscapes and cityscapes are available in high-resolution, so you may want to take a closer look at them, as you may never get to see them in person.

As usual, the controls of the website are easy to understand and use, so pay a visit to the official Global Assignment website and do some exploring!

Photo Art Kalmar: impressive gigapixel photos are entirely one artist’s work

photo-art-kalmar 6 more gigapixel photography projects worth seeing News and Reviews

The man behind Photo Art Kalmar, photographer Julian Kalmar, offers a gigapixel panorama of Vienna.

Here is a very interesting project that comes from photographer Julian Kalmar. The artist has got into gigapixel photography a few years ago and he has managed to accomplish beautiful things in the process.

His website is called Photo Art Kalmar and his biggest image depicts Vienna, Austria. This image was captured in July 2010.

The resolution of the photo reaches 50 gigapixels, the end result of stitching together more than 3,600 individual shots.

Another interesting panorama available on this website reveals St. Peter’s Church located in Vienna. The photo has a resolution of 6.2-gigapixel, while a Tokyo cityscape offers the same amount of gigapixels.

Julian Kalmar’s panoramas are interactive and offer nice controls. At the bottom of the page you can find specific points of interest, which can be selected so you will be quickly taken to them.

Head over to the photographer’s website, where you can also see the 50-gigapixel panorama of Vienna.

World’s largest photo is actually world’s first terapixel image

querdenker 6 more gigapixel photography projects worth seeing News and Reviews

Querdenker is the place where you can find world’s largest photo. The locomotive in the middle of the frame is movable, so the total size of the shot reaches 1.5-terapixel.

One of the biggest photos in the world is said to be the 320-gigapixel of London. While this is technically correct, the Querdenker project begs to differ. It appears that world’s largest photo is actually a gigapixel of a garage for Germany’s older locomotives.

The base photo is clocked at 25 gigapixels. However, the train platform in the middle is actually movable and you can inspect the area while also moving the platform.

Querdenker’s idea is pretty neat, so it is definitely worth seeing. The total resolution of the photo is said to stand at about 1.5-terapixel or 1,493-gigapixel to be more exact, according to Querdenker.

This project also consists of gigapixels depicting landscapes, cities, architecture, and industrial buildings. The controls are straightforward, so you will be able to explore Dubai and other places with ease.

If you want to see the world’s largest photo (according to its author) and more gigapixel panoramas, then go to Querdenker’s official website right now.

The Gigapixel Photography project reveals both the dark and good sides of Vancouver

vancouver-yaletown-condos 6 more gigapixel photography projects worth seeing News and Reviews

One of the “good” sides of Vancouver: the Yaletown condos. The “bad” side of the city can be checked out in high-resolution at the official Gigapixel Photography project’s website.

We are returning to Vancouver. However, this new project is aimed at showing the city’s “dirty secret”. The Vancouver Gigapixel Photography may have focused on the 2010 Winter Olympics, but Eric Deis’ Gigapixel Photography project is pinpointing another subject.

The creator of the website, Eric Deis, is hoping to draw the attention over Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, which is said to be the poorest area in Canada, with a high homeless rate and HIV infection rate.

The problems of the city have been captured in high-resolution. However, the photographer has also compiled other beautiful shots at gigapixel quality, including some beautiful winter landscapes.

Although Eric Deis’ work is mostly related to Vancouver, the artist has captured billion-pixel photos of other places. This is why you should visit the photographer’s website to satisfy your gigapixel thirst.

GIGAmacro offers gigapixel macro photos of insects and more to curious minds

gigamacro 6 more gigapixel photography projects worth seeing News and Reviews

GIGAmacro is offering gigapixel macro photos of insects. Pictured here, an 8-gigapixel image of a Cicada.

The last but not least project of our series’ “part II” consists of the GIGAmacro website. If you ever wanted to explore macro images of insects and bugs, then this is your go-to website.

Users can view macro shots of insects in amazing detail, so they can learn more about them in the process. The resolution reaches gigapixel levels, everything will be in focus, so tiny bugs will hold no secrets from you.

The insects are turned around on all sides, but there is more to GIGAmacro than bugs. The collection is far bigger than this and it includes tree leaves as well as many other things that you can study.

In “part I” of our series, gigapixel macro photos have been presented courtesy of the Vancouver Gigapixel Photography project. However, for even more gigapixel macro goodness, head over to the project’s official website.

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