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Google Glass users get Instagram-like filters, courtesy of Glassagram


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Google Glass users can start editing their photos, as the Glassagram service has been launched along with Instagram-like filters.

It is clear that more and more users are receiving their Google Glass in the mailbox. The search giant has started shipping the device to its customers and the Explorer edition is capable of pretty cool things.

glassagram Google Glass users get Instagram-like filters, courtesy of Glassagram News and Reviews

Glassagram provides Instagram-like filters for photos captured with Google Glass.

Glassagram photo-editing app released for Google Glass Explorer edition users

However, Google Glass has just become a lot cooler and more appealing to photo editors, thanks to the Glassagram application. This app is actually a service, which allows users to apply Instagram-like filters to their images and to share them on social networks.

Glassagram comes packed with only five filters, but the developers will most likely update the app and provide more effects in the near future.

Glassagram needs to be put on the list of approved apps on MyGlass

Users of the wearable computer will have to allow Glassagram to access content with the help of the MyGlass app for Android devices. Once the app has access, wearers can get started.

Glass users will have to take a picture and then share it with the editing service. Glassagram will automatically apply the five filters and then send them all back to you. After that, you can easily share them with your friends.

Winky makes everything a more pleasant experience

The procedure is pretty straightforward and it does not take too long to apply the filters and get them back. Everything gets easier if the wearer will use Glassagram in combination with Winky, the app which enables eye gestures on Google Glass.

Winky allows Google Glass users to capture photos without inputting a voice command. After minor calibration, the device will track your eye movements and capture a photo each time the user is winking.

Exciting things lie ahead for Google Glass users

Developers have paid $1,500 for the Explorer edition and they are making use of it. This is why the Google Glass project is so exciting, as some cool applications are already available, while others are in the works.

This fact makes people think about what other impressive stuff lies ahead and whether or not this device is a revolutionary piece of technology.

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