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Google Desert View comes to life courtesy of a camel


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Google Street View has been turned into Google Desert View as the search giant has strapped a Trekker Camera on the back of a camel in order to allow internet users to explore United Arab Emirates’ Liwa Desert.

One of the greatest wonders of technology that often goes by unappreciated is the ability to travel around the world without leaving your couch, bed, or desk chair.

Anybody can use services, such as Google Street View, in order to explore places that they would like to visit, will visit, or will never visit. Everything sits at your disposal and you simply have to pick your favorite destinations.

google-camel Google Desert View comes to life courtesy of a camel Fun

Desert View is the latest addition to Google Street View. A camel has been used for carrying the trekker camera that captured the photos.

Google turns Street View into Desert View by putting a camera on a camel’s back

Beside visiting a certain city, Google has also managed to document our oceans, so internet users can check out the Great Barrier Reef before it is gone forever. Moreover, museums, parks, and other locations inaccessible by car are also available in Street View.

Nevertheless, the company’s work is not complete. Of all places in the world that still need to be explored, few people would have guessed that a desert (yes, a desert!) is in Google’s plans.

Either way, the search giant has strapped a Trekker Camera on a camel’s back and it has given the green light to the Google Desert View project, which is now available at its website.

google-liwa-desert-view Google Desert View comes to life courtesy of a camel Fun

Date farming is possible in the Liwa Desert, UAE thanks to drip irrigation.

Explore UAE’s Liwa Desert right now through Google Desert View

The first desert to be a part of this project is the amazing Liwa Desert. It is located in the United Arab Emirates about 100 kilometers south of the Persian Gulf and about 150km south-west of Abu Dhabi.

In order to give people an impression of what is like to be in the desert, six special views have been provided, as follows: south, south-west, west, north-west, north, and north east.

Google has also shown how the Liwa Desert View came to be with an interesting video that shows the camel carrying the Trekker Camera across the desert.

The company is inviting internet users to explore the Liwa Desert just like “travelers have been doing for thousands of years”. This is probably the reason why Google has decided to use a camel for its project, instead of an SUV or something.

Let us know what do you think about Google’s latest project in the comments section below!

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