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Google Glass banned by Caesars Palace casino


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Google Glass has been officially banned by the Caesars Palace casino, while many other casinos are expected to follow the same path in the future.

Google has not even started selling the wearable computer known as Glass to customers. The Explorer edition is just an early version, which is available only for developers and high-profile people, who are willing to pay $1,500 for it.

However, Google Glass is already raising privacy concerns and multiple businesses have revealed that people wearing the device will not be allowed to enter a store or a location.

google-glass-banned-casino Google Glass banned by Caesars Palace casino News and Reviews

Google Glass Explorer edition has been banned from Caesars Palace casino. Wearers can enter the casino with it, but they will not be allowed to gamble while wearing it.

Google Glass banned again! This time by the Caesars Palace casino

A similar case is happening with the popular Caesars Palace casino. A spokesperson for the gambling location said that gamblers will have to take their Google Glasses off while playing.

Caesars added that wearers will get the chance to enter their casino with Glass and wear it, but they will not be allowed to record videos. Additionally, if they sit at a table for playing, then they will have to take the glasses off because all computers and recording devices are banned while gambling.

Gambling while using Google Glass? Well, then you will go to jail

The casino’s spokesperson claims that the company has encountered numerous people trying to cheat at blackjack and other games with the help of secret computers and cameras. However, they have been caught and “they went to jail”.

It is very unlikely that the security guards will miss anyone wearing Google Glass before reaching a tablet, but if they somehow manage to use the device while gambling, then they will go to jail “under various state gaming regulations”.

Google says that people are just afraid of new technology, as usual

On the other hand, Google says that people have always been afraid of new technology, therefore it is natural that some would be scared of Glass. Buyers of the Explorer edition are aware that they are part of a test, added the search giant.

Early adopters will have the hard task of shaping up the next version of Glass, which should be released in one-year time. Anyway, we should not be too surprised if we hear the “Google Glass banned” idiom far too often.

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