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Google Glass Explorer edition specs officially revealed


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Google has published the Glass API documentation, along with the device’s specifications for the Explorer edition.

Google Glass is a wearable device which sports a head-mounted display. It can show information, listen to commands, and perform actions, like recording videos or capturing photos.

It is connected to the internet and it runs on a special operating system, which contrary to popular belief, it is not powered by the usual Android OS.

google-glass-explorer Google Glass Explorer edition specs officially revealed News and Reviews

Google has announced the Glass Explorer edition, while shipments have begun. Glass features a 5-megapixel camera that can captured 720p videos.

Google Glass API revealed, developers cannot ask for fees or place any ads

The search giant has just revealed the API documentation, in order to allow developers to start building apps for the device.

Additionally, Google Glass has entered the production phase. The first units that will be built are called Explorer and they will become available in limited quantities.

A lot of users have pre-ordered it, but the developers will have to design apps to make the wearers lives a lot easier.

The search firm stated that Glass client apps will have to be free and not to display any ads.

Google says that Glass is just an experiment and a lot of testing needs to be done. However, developers will start making money at some point into the future.

Google Glass Explorer edition specs sheet

Google Glass specs list includes a high-resolution screen, which provides the equivalent of a 25-inch HD screen viewed from 8-feet away.

Additionally, it packs a 5-megapixel camera, which can record 720p HD movies. The connectivity part consists of built-in WiFi 802.11b/g and Bluetooth.

Glass offers 16GB of storage, though only 12GB are user-accessible. The battery will last for a normal day of use, though video recording or using Google+ Hangouts extensively will drain a lot more battery.

Frequently asked questions answered

Nevertheless, the search company has also released the so-called MyGlass app. It consists of a companion application, which is available for download at the Google Play Store for Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher devices right now.

The company has also posted answers to several frequently asked questions, revealing that Google Glass is not indestructible and that it cannot be used anywhere you like, since it depends on a place’s terms and conditions.

Moreover, the video recording-capable device must not be allowed to go underwater. Also, bright sunlight may prevent the users from seeing the display.

Explorer edition now shipping to some lucky users

Google Glass Explorer edition has begun shipping in very limited quantities. The production is going slowly, but more units will reach their destination very soon.

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