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Google Glass eye gestures allow users to take pictures by winking


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Google Glass may support eye tracking technologies, which would allow users to capture photos by winking.

Google Glass is considered the device of the moment. Although the search giant is being accused of releasing a device that breaches privacy, the wearable computer will still become available on the market and users will find it very easy to capture photos, according to a report from a Reddit user.

google-glass-eye-gestures Google Glass eye gestures allow users to take pictures by winking News and Reviews

Google Glass will support eye gestures at some point. This fact has been unearthed by a redditor, who checked the code of the MyGlass companion application.

Google Glass eye gestures, such as winking, discovered in MyGlass app

Redditor “fodawim” has discovered several interesting lines of code inside the Google Glass companion application, called MyGlass. The app is available for free download at the Google Play Store and it is compatible with Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher smartphones and tablets.

The Google Glass Explorer edition has begun shipping a short time ago. It is available only for select users, developers, and other important people, therefore it is available in very limited quantities.

Up until now, the search giant has not mentioned any gestures which would be available for the wearers, but the MyGlass code is not lying.

The app also says that the gestures will require some sort of calibration, which should allow Google Glass to tell the difference between blinking or casually winking and inputting the command for taking a picture.

Explorer version of Glass cannot track eye movement

However, it is speculated that the current Google Glass hardware is not capable of tracking eye movement, despite the fact that a projector and a prism are projecting an image directly on the wearer’s retina.

Google has recently applied for a patent which consists of eye-tracking technologies, therefore it is very likely that the wink gestures will be available in the next version of Glass.

It remains to be seen what other Google Glass eye gestures will be available for the users, but all of that will be possible in the next-gen wearable computer with a heads-up display.

Next-generation Glass is one-year away and respecting other people’s privacy is a must, Google executive says

Executive Chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt, says that Glass is expected to go mainstream in about a year. The $1,500 device will suffer some changes based on feedback coming from Explorer edition users.

Schmidt also said that wearers will carry a big responsibility towards other people, therefore they must not use the augmented-reality glasses when not appropriate.

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