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Google Glass firmware update XE5 released for download


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Google Glass has received its first firmware update since the Explorer edition started shipping to its few select customers, in order to fix several issues and add some new features.

Google Glass has recently begun shipping to its first customers. The Explorer edition is running on Android software and it packs a 5-megapixel camera among others. As no software and hardware combination is perfect, the search giant has decided to fix several problems affecting the wearers.

download-google-glass-firmware-update-xe5 Google Glass firmware update XE5 released for download News and Reviews

Device info tab now displays the Google Glass serial number. This feature and many others are available in the latest firmware update XE5.

Google Glass Explorer edition gets its first update since shipping to customers

The new Google Glass update has a firmware version of “XE5”, meaning that it is unsure which Android edition is powering it. Anyway, first thing is first, so users should plug-in their device and then connect Glass to a WiFi network, in order to download and install the update.

Google Glass firmware update XE5 changelog includes the following features:

  • support for incoming Google+ notifications, such as mentions, comments, and direct shares;
  • ability to post comments and award +1 on Google+ updates;
  • support for incoming Google+ hangouts;
  • sync policy has been changed, so that Glass requires power and WiFi to upload content in the background;
  • queries and messages transcription speed have been greatly improved;
  • added ability to report crashes;
  • added ability to dial international numbers and to send SMS towards them;
  • long-pressing allows users to search wherever they are in the user interface – previously, it only worked when turned off;
  • On-Head Detection calibration has been revamped;
  • Serial Number of a Glass can now be seen under Device Info;
  • improved battery status estimation;
  • novel recipient-list mosaic has been added.

This is the entire Google Glass firmware update XE5 changelog for the Explorer edition. It is available for download on all units, but users should be aware that it is a gradual rollout, meaning that it may take a couple of days before it reaches their device.

As stated above, wearers should plug-in their Glass and then connect to a WiFi network. Google’s wearable computer should do its own thing from there.

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