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Google Glass firmware update XE6 adds new photo features


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Google has updated its Project Glass Google+ page, in order to let developers know that a new firmware update for the wearable computer is being pushed right now, bringing several photography improvements.

When it introduced Glass on the market, Google revealed that monthly updates will be pushed automatically to the devices. That time of the month has arrived and Google Glass firmware update XE6 has been released for download, consisting of multiple improvements to the photography software.

before-after-google-glass Google Glass firmware update XE6 adds new photo features News and Reviews

Before and after photos taken with Google Glass. The top one appears washed out, while the one below is much better, though a bit darker.

Google Glass firmware update XE6 available for download now

Glass is a wearable device which also features a built-in camera. Although its resolution stands at 5-megapixel, it should take better photos. This is exactly what the latest update is about, as the device will take significantly finer pictures from now on.

Google has revealed that Glass will capture consecutive shots when pressing the button and then it will combine the images. This consists of an always-on HDR mode, which will results in brighter, sharper, and higher-quality photos.

The search giant has revealed that this mode will be available in both bright and dark environments even if the subjects are moving. In order to demonstrate that this claim is true, Google has posted several comparison photos on its Project Glass Google+ account.

before-after-google-glass-xe6-update Google Glass firmware update XE6 adds new photo features News and Reviews

Nighttime photos will be a lot brighter on Google Glass XE6 update, as the always-on HDR mode is really doing a great job.

Image size has been decreased by 32 pixels

The differences are notable and it should allow photographers to capture significantly better shots. However, there will be a decrease in the amount of pixels, as both the width and the height of the image have been reduced by 32 pixels.

Google has made this decision in order to get rid of the lens aberration, so this is probably a good thing, considering the fact that images look a lot better.

Photo captions are a go!

Another important change consists of the ability to add captions to your images. This works pretty neatly, as Glass will ask users if they want to add a caption. After that, the users simply have to “touch” the touchpad and then speak. This will work as a voice command and then the caption will be in its place.

Since the update is pushed automatically, Google Glass owners have to connect to a WiFi network and the device will upgrade on its own.

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