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Google Glass infographic shows how the whole system works


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A graphic designer has revealed a Google Glass infographic, which shows how the whole system works and the locations of each hardware component inside the device.

Google Glass has become official in 2012, when the company revealed more information at the I/O developer conference in June last year.

Google Glass Explorer Edition now shipping, along with the specs of a mid-range smartphone

Recently, the search giant has revealed that the device has begun shipping to the first customers. The Explorer edition is on its way and it should reach its destinations in no time.

Beside confirming that shipments have started, Google has also announced Glass’ specifications list and posted answers to a bunch of frequently asked questions.

Basically, now we know that the wearable computer with a head-mounted display features a 5-megapixel camera, 720p video recording, 16GB storage (only 12GB are actually accessible), WiFi 802.11b/g, GPS, Bluetooth, a microphone, and a battery which should last a day of normal usage.

google-glass-infographic Google Glass infographic shows how the whole system works News and Reviews

The mechanism behind Google Glass has been a secret so far. However, now we know that a visual layer will be projected by a mini-projector on a prism, which sends the image directly on your retina. Credits: Martin Missfeldt.

Google Glass infographic by Martin Missfeldt

However, what we do not know is how Google Glass actually works and the location of each component. Thankfully, Martin Missfeldt has compiled a detailed infographic to show what makes it tick.

According to the graphic designer’s infographic, the battery is located in the right ear hook. A speaker is placed near your right ear, while the CPU, GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth chipsets come next.

As we are heading towards the face, a microphone is sitting right below the camera. The microphone is useful when recording videos with the camera located in the front, as well as for inputting voice commands. Additionally, the camera can capture screenshots, which can be uploaded on an Android phone.

How Google Glass works

A mini-projector and a prism are placed right after the 5MP camera. Both of these will work together, in order to project the image right on your retina. The prism can display the clock and temperature among others.

The prism will also project the images over the “real world”. Google has acknowledged that users may have difficulties in strong sunlight, as the display has been designed not to be too bright, in order to avoid tampering with your vision.

All in all, Google Glass is a marvelous piece of technology. Many people might consider it a bit “douchy”, while some may think that it will hurt their privacy. Either way, the search giant is shipping the first version to developers and many more will be released soon.

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