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Google Glass Winky app allows users to take photos by winking


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An Android developer has created an application which allows the Google Glass Explorer edition to capture a photo by winking.

Google Glass devs have recently discovered that the wearable computer supports eye gestures, such as winking. These gestures could be used for taking a picture, but it has been believed that the first model, called Explorer, does not feature any hardware that could support such interaction.

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This is the first photo ever taken with Google Glass using eye gestures, such as winking.

Developer Mike DiGiovanni is the first to take advantage of Google Glass’ eye gestures support

Well, developer Mike DiGiovanni has proven the deniers wrong by creating the Winky application, which allows Google Glass users to wink and capture a photo, without inputting any other voice or physical command.

DiGiovanni has demonstrated the app on his Google+ account. It can take photos even when it is in sleep mode and the best part about it is that it is a native Android program, which can be installed with ease through ADB mode.

Winky users will have to calibrate the system in order for it to work properly

The developer says that he had to calibrate Glass, in order to prevent it from taking unwanted shots if the eye twitches or if the wearer blinks. Additionally, he had to tweak the system by putting winking on the high-priority list.

The result is pretty amazing and it could prove to be very useful in case the owner wants to take a photo without anyone else knowing. This will definitely raise some privacy concerns, but it does not mean that the Google Glass project is in danger of being scrapped.

Google Glass had it coming

Anyway, Mike says that he believes Google added a tiny sensor on the black strip where the microphone is placed. It is very likely that the search giant wanted to hide it pretty well, but it is impossible to hide the code in the MyGlass app, where the eye gestures have been mentioned.

The full information about the Winky app for Google Glass can be found at GitHub, where Mike DiGiovanni explains how the program works.

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