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GoPro drones with built-in HD cameras coming in late 2015


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GoPro will allegedly enter the drone industry by launching quadcopters with built-in cameras capable of recording HD videos sometime in 2015.

The most popular action camera maker in the world is GoPro. This industry is still growing as more and more people are looking to record all of their extreme or not-so-extreme adventures.

Along with the action cam segment, the drone industry has grown, too. There are lots of multi-rotor helicopters available for consumers, some of them having built-in cameras, while others relying on the use of GoPro Hero shooters.

It appears that GoPro is no longer aiming to share, as it wants all the pieces of the pie for itself. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the company is actively developing multi-rotor helicopters with integrated cameras, which will be introduced in 2015.

dji-phantom-2-vision GoPro drones with built-in HD cameras coming in late 2015 Rumors

The DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ drone with a built-in camera could get competition in late 2015, as GoPro will launch a couple of models of its own.

GoPro working on drones with built-in cameras to compete against DJI and Parrot

The most popular drones are quadcopters, consisting of helicopters with four rotors, which are used by both DJI Innovations and Parrot, two of the most popular drone makers in the world.

Since this is the pair that GoPro is going after, it is very likely that its drone will be a quadcopter as well. These devices are not yet nearing their release, as the report states that they will become available sometime in late 2015.

The WSJ is using plural to describe the company’s plans, which means that we will probably see two or more GoPro drone units being launched on the market.

Their capabilities are said to include HD video recording, so we may be looking at a lower-end model that captures up to 720p footage and a high-end version that shoots up to 1080p videos.

GoPro drones to be priced between $500 and $1,000

In order to become successful in this part of the digital imaging industry, GoPro will choose some aggressive prices for its drones. They will be priced between $500 and $1,000, which is a bit cheaper than the drones with similar specs that are already available.

Some people are saying that GoPro will compete against itself, as consumers are buying drones to go with their Hero cameras. If the company’s quadcopters have a built-in camera, then their Heros will become obsolete.

The manufacturer has not completely denied the rumors, so the story has a very high chance of becoming true, especially since it is coming from the WSJ. Anyway, this is just a rumor and you will have to take it with a pinch of salt before getting your hopes too high.

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