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GoPro Hero3 cameras damaging 64GB SD cards beyond repair


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Several GoPro Hero3 users have reported that the camera is damaging expensive 64GB SD cards.

The GoPro Hero cameras are adventure-proof shooters used by all kinds of sports people. They are resistant to water, therefore they are mainly used by divers and surfers, as well as skiers and cyclists.

The latest version of the camcorder is called GoPro Hero3 and is available in three models, including Black, White, and Silver. All of them support SD cards of up to 64GB, a really nice feature to have, considering the fact that the camera can record HD videos and RAW footage.

gopro-hero3-64gb-sd-card-issue GoPro Hero3 cameras damaging 64GB SD cards beyond repair News and Reviews

GoPro Hero3 users are reporting that the cameras are breaking 64GB SD cards.

Upon closer inspection, GoPro Hero3 breaks 64GB SD cards

However, it is not all roses. According to users of the official GoPro forums, the camera is damaging 64GB SD cards beyond repair.

A user noticed that his computer is not recognizing the SD card after being introduced in a reader to transfer his files. He thought that there must be something wrong with the card reader, but after placing the 64GB storage card back into the GoPro Hero3, the camera would not recognize it either.

According to the forum users, the Hero3 returns error messages like “No SD Card” or “SD Err”.

Most of the cards affected by the Hero3 were manufactured by SanDisk. The “good” thing is that only 64GB versions are wasted by the cameras, while smaller units like 32GB and 16GB are perfectly safe.

The biggest problem is not the high price tag of 64GB cards, said a user. He mentioned that the lost memories and footage are the most important here, which can only be recovered with expensive data recovery software.

SanDisk may exchange SD cards damaged by the GoPro Hero3

It appears that the GoPro support team has acknowledged that there is a problem with the exFAT file system and that affected users should contact SanDisk. It appears that the card manufacturer has agreed to replace broken 64GB SD cards.

The issues will most likely be corrected through a firmware update, but GoPro did not announce any plans to release one. Until then, some users are reporting that the Hero3’s default start mode should be set to “Picture Taking”, rather than “Video”.

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