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GoPro Hero3+ Black and Silver action cameras become official


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GoPro has announced the Hero3+ series of action cameras, taking over the flagship reigns from the previous Hero3 shooters.

Around this time of the year, GoPro usually launches a new Hero lineup. Everybody was expecting the company to follow the same path as in the past few years. However, the Hero4 is not here, as the manufacturer has decided to launch the Hero3+ action cameras instead.

GoPro Hero3+ Black and Silver action cams are now up to 20% lighter and provide up to 30% better battery life, despite offering improved features.

gopro-hero3-black GoPro Hero3+ Black and Silver action cameras become official News and Reviews

GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition has been announced to replace the Hero3. It is lighter, faster, stronger, and offers a better battery life.

GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition: 20% smaller, 4x faster WiFi, 30% more battery life, 33% sharper videos

The Hero3+ Black Edition is now waterproof down to 40 meters and it is enclosed in a 20% smaller design.

The company says that the battery life has been improved by 30%, while WiFi is now four times faster. Users should be able to transfer their files to a smartphone or tablet 4x quicker than before.

SuperView is a new mode which is aimed to provide the “most wide-angle” possible by turning the 4:3 aspect ratio into 16:9.

Auto Low Light is another useful mode that should automatically adjust the frame rate to suit the shooting conditions.

The final improvement has been done to the lens. It is a brand new one with about 33% sharper video capturing and 2x fewer artifacts.

gopro-hero3-silver GoPro Hero3+ Black and Silver action cameras become official News and Reviews

GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition is now capable of recording full HD videos at 60fps and 720p ones at 120fps.

GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition: 15% lighter and 2x faster image processor

On the other hand, there is the GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition. It features a twice as fast image processor when compared to then previous Silver model.

Additionally, videographers will now be able to capture full HD footage at 60 frames per second and 720p at 120fps.

Its design is 15% lighter as well as smaller than the former iteration, while WiFi speeds are also four times faster.

Three new Hero mounts launched by GoPro

GoPro has also introduced three new mounts which are compatible with the Hero cameras.

Jaws is a flex clamp that allows users to attach its action cameras to various objects.

Junior Chesty is a chest harness for children aged 3+. It is a downsized version of the adult Chest Harness and it should provide a better insight into your kids’ world.

QuickClip will now be bundled with the conventional Headstrap. It will allow videographers to attach their camera to baseball hats or any other objects which are 3mm to 10mm thick.

GoPro Studio 2.0 video-editing software now available

GoPro Studio 2.0 is now available as a free download for Windows and Mac OS X users.

It is the company’s video-editing software, which now features Edit Templates. It is a list of carefully-selected templates, which have been customized by professionals. They also include soundtracks to significantly improve the quality of your videos.

Hero3+ availability details

GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition will become available in the following days for a price of $399.99.

The Silver Edition should also be released soon for $299.99, while the Studio 2.0 app can be downloaded right now at the company’s website.

Amazon is offering the two models for pre-order with shipping expected to begin soon. The Black version costs $399.99, while the Silver model is priced at $299.99, as expected.

B&H Photo Video is also offering the Hero3+ Black and Hero3+ Silver models for pre-order at the same prices.

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