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GoPro Hero4 Black and Silver unveiled along with low-end Hero


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GoPro has officially announced the recently-rumored Hero4 Black and Silver cameras, as well as the entry-level Hero shooter.

The brand new GoPros are here. The Hero3+ series is being replaced by the Hero4, just as the rumor mill has predicted. Moreover, the gossip talks regarding the low-end Hero camera have also turned out to be true, as the company is debuting a shooter for people who want to record themselves doing sports on the cheap.

gopro-hero4-black GoPro Hero4 Black and Silver unveiled along with low-end Hero News and Reviews

The GoPro Hero4 Black Edition is the company’s first Hero to offer a proper 4K video mode with support for a 30fps frame rate,

GoPro Hero4 Black Edition becomes official with proper 4K video recording mode

The announcement begins with the GoPro Hero4 Black Edition. This version is indeed the “most advanced GoPro ever”. It features a processor that is two times more powerful than its predecessor and will allow users to capture videos at 4K resolution and a frame rate of 30fps.

Previously, these cameras have been able to capture 4K movies, but only at a frame rate of 15fps, which has been deemed worthless by some users. The Black Hero4 will also capture 2.7K videos at 50fps, and full HD videos at 120fps.

Videographers will be able to remotely control their cameras via WiFi or Bluetooth. Smart Remote is supported, which will allow smartphone and tablet users to take control over multiple Hero cameras at the same time.

Photographers also have reasons for joy. The Hero4 captures 12-megapixel stills and supports a continuous shooting mode of up to 30fps. Protune is an option that allows the users to manually set the ISO and other exposure settings.

The camera will be released on October 5 for a price of $499.99.

gopro-hero4-silver GoPro Hero4 Black and Silver unveiled along with low-end Hero News and Reviews

The GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition is the first Hero with a touchscreen.

The first Hero with a touchscreen announced: it’s the GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition!

GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition is pretty similar to the Black version. However, this model comes packed with a touchscreen. This is an absolute first for the Hero series and it should allow the users to easily input the shooting settings.

The Silver Hero4 records 4K videos, but only at 15fps. Moreover, it captures 2.7K videos at only 30fps and full HD videos at 60fps. For high-speed shooting, users will have to retort to 720p recording at 120fps.

Just like the Black model, the Silver edition withstands depths down to 40 meters / 131 feet, offers a 12-megapixel burst shot mode at 30fps, and comes packed with WiFi, Bluetooth, and Protune support.

Other notable features available in both Black and Silver versions are HiLight and QuikCapture. The former allows users to tag their favorite moments in a video, while the latter will start recording a video as soon as the camera is turned on.

For users who want to be creative, GoPro is offering Time Lapse, Night Photo, and Night Lapse modes. This version will also be released on October 5, but for a price of $399.99.

new-gopro-hero GoPro Hero4 Black and Silver unveiled along with low-end Hero News and Reviews

This is the entry-level Hero. It is a stripped down version of its siblings and will set for an incredibly low price.

Entry-level GoPro Hero revealed with an affordable price tag

Finally, GoPro has launched the Hero, which is marketed as the “perfect entry-level action camera”. This is a low-end shooter that records full HD videos at 30fps and 720p videos at 60fps.

It does not have a touchscreen, nor does it have WiFi or Bluetooth. However, the camera employs a rugged housing that supports depths down to 40 meters / 131 feet, just like its bigger siblings.

Although it is not as featured as the Hero4 cameras, the simple Hero supports QuikCapture and Auto Low Light mode, the latter being able to adjust the frame rate automatically in low-light conditions.

Potential buyers could satisfy their curiosity on October 5 for the small price of $129.99.

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