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GoPro Karma drone confirmed, coming in 2016


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GoPro has officially confirmed the name of its drone, which has got many videographers excited. The device will be called Karma and will be released on the market sometime in 2016.

Towards the end of 2015’s spring, GoPro has announced its intention of joining the drone market. Despite being one of the most popular cameras among quadcopter makers, the company wants to take it to the next level by launching a drone of its own.

The action camera maker promised to deliver some news by the end of 2015 and here they are! The name of the product will be Karma, while its release date will definitely occur in 2016.

GoPro reveals the name of its drone as Karma

GoPro continues the teasing campaign for its drone. For now, it has only revealed the name of the device, albeit photographers and videographers alike would have enjoyed learning its specs or price tag.

The latest teaser for the GoPro Karma drone does not tell us much. It is not in 4K, but this does not mean that the finished product will not offer such capabilities.

The video is looking good as well as stable. This suggests that the built-in camera might come packed with image stabilization technology or perhaps the quadcopter itself will employ a dedicated IS system.

It is worth noting that a gimbal for the GoPro Karma drone may be sold as a separate accessory. Either way, the video does not look this stable thanks to post-processing, as the company has confirmed that it has not used such technique.

Whatever it is, we will find out more about it in the near future. It will be a consumers’ product, therefore it may find its way to the Consumer Electronics Show 2016. If it does show up at CES, then at least some of its specs will be confirmed at that time.

You can win a GoPro Karma drone at launch

The exact release date of the GoPro Karma drone has not been confirmed, too. All that we are told is that it is definitely coming in 2016.

gopro-karma-name GoPro Karma drone confirmed, coming in 2016 News and Reviews

The stylish logo of the GoPro Karma drone and the confirmation that it is coming in 2016.

When it first announced the quadcopter, the action camera maker said that it will launch it within 12 months. There is plenty of time until May 2016, but we will not rule out a minor delay.

The good thing is that whenever it comes, you can win one. Yes, you heard it right! GoPro is giving away 100 units if you sign up to the newsletter about Karma. You can do that at its official website and we are inviting you to subscribe right now!

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